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Hi all,

I hope your spring is going well and I am sorry for not being around as much. There are just so many things to keep up with and getting new gear at the shop is one of them *wink*

Do you still like colorful selection with your gear? I do hope so since I have everything from traditional black to pink now.

Guess I only have a limited amount of subscription time left on here, guess I need to renew it. Unless there might be a kind stranger out there *gives puppy dog eyes*

*gagged kisses*
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Now a message sent from The Blonde Binder for all of you, long time fans will know who this is but we are keeping it to code in case Big Brother is watching ;)

Hi Everyone,

Thank you all for the kind words of encouragement I have been getting. Looks like I will be gone till the end of the month but I haven't deserted you all. I just won't be able to post or comment till the suspension is over. But the main reason for sending Autumn this message is that the Bondage Awards have finally presented the results of this year's awards and to be honest...I am a little surprised. So let's go through some of the highlights.

Glamour Bondage: Runner Up- :iconunclem: I personally think this was a tragedy. Uncle M should have gotten higher.

Female Submissive: 3rd Place- what?! Really? Me??!!

Bondage Store: 1st Place- Autumn's Sub Shop   Heck yeah!!

Bondage Rigger: 3rd Place :iconunclem:  Congrats Uncle M *giant hugs*

Comic Artist: 3rd Place :iconyvonnecraig: and runner up :iconosvaldogreco:  Both great artists and both from here at the DA

Bondage Gear: Runner Up Autumn's Sub Shop

Bondage Model: 3rd Place Autumn Le Fleur  WOOT WOOT!!

Bondage Story: 2nd Place The Nylon Doll Trap by me!! "EEEEEEE!"

Bondage Writer: 1st Place ME!!!!!! *faints*

Thank you all for voting, it was worth the wait and I hope we can keep you all happy with our pics, stories and whatever craziness we can come up with.
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Frequent watchers might have noticed that Nicole's account is suspended. The bad news is that she will be suspended for a month due to breaking a policy. The potential good news is that she's asking for it to be reduced and since she hasn't been much of a bad seed, we are hoping it will.

I'll try to keep you up to date on what's going on.
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Hi All!,
HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE! *Autumn throws out parade style Gag Kisses!* Ribbon 

Everything is hectic here but we are marching right along with the Sub Shop and all our affiliates out there.
Just give us time and I'll try to crack the whip a little harder on Nicole's backside ;)

I have to thank Nicole for keeping our presence here at deviantart going. After that "incident" about watermarks, I can't say I've been the most giddy with the site but Nicole keeps talking me into stopping by.

Keep us in your thoughts and hopefully we will get new content out to you in the very near future. :)

Love ya!,
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Hi All!,

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE! *Autumn throws out parade style Gag Kisses!*

How is your summer going?  What have you done so far?  Sound off and let me know!!! I care! :)

As for me, I've been super busy!  Sorry I have been out a bit.  We have been super busy at the shop! We have officially made over 5,000 items!  That is over 1,800 new products!  And more to yeah....a little busy. But I totally love my job.

On another front...Nicole is working hard on getting started! What will it be? will be all about you! a 100% free community site!  I want you to send your writings to Nicole at  What should you write about....What it feels like to find out who you you feel about being a dominant, submissive or you figured out what you were....(which is F**&(ing awesome)...and what you want out of your relationships!


Love ya!,

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Okay, so Monday may not be your favorite day of the week.  But have you ever thought about  it why....maybe it's because you need to *spice* it up a little and gag a co-worker!  I plan on gagging Nicole immediately.  Okay, perhaps virtually...but doesn't everybody think she deserves it!

So, no more grumping....GET BACK TO WORK! And remember....GAG A CO-WORKER!


Gag Kisses,
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I am happy to be back!  A few of you may know that I was recently suspended from DA because I had a link up to my website which not only encourages others and makes them feel great about their sexuality...but sells adult items and bondage gear.  

To say that I don't understand DA's logic would be an understatement, but I will keep my thoughts to myself and play nice. 

So, unfortunately, I am unable to reference my site at all.  However, I believe in the community and the importance of supporting each other.  My goals has always been to show bondage in a positive and uplifting way.  The way I look at it, it's how we as "adults" get to have imagination and play time!

I wish you and your loved ones a most wonderful weekend and happy play time!!
 Unfortunately, I didn't back up the journals.  Lessons Learned...

I will now back up all of my journals. If anyone should have any of my journals that were deleted (I rather thought the Target one was quite cute), please message me.

THIS HAS MADE ME MORE DETERMINED THAN EVER TO START BONDAGEUPRISING.COM.  I promised you that when I came out of hiding after being bullied by the Media that I would give you a safe place to feel supported.  Not only do I want to do through our other sites, but (don't dare link it! on Deviant!) will be a place where there is no censorship - only support and love.

What is Bondage Uprising about?

It's a community where you can submit and have published your thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams regarding bondage.  Share your struggles with self-acceptance and ultimately your triumph as you come into your own with a ballgag and a smile on your face.  It's a celebration of all things which make us - US.

To do this community, I need your help!

I want your stories about what you went through as you discovered you were into bondage and how you positively overcame them.  How you found your lover and what it felt like for you when you were tied or being tied.  I want to show your embrace of who you are and what you are.  I want to celebrate all things that make you --  YOU! 

**MESSAGE ME WITH YOUR STORY**  Be it a paragraph or a thesis!  Let's get the Bondage Uprising started where we will no longer be censored but instead embraced in love!

1. Money cannot buy happiness, but it’s more comfortable to cry in a BMW with heated seats than on a bicycle in the rain.
2. Forgive your enemy, but remember the a##hole’s name.
3. If you help someone when they’re in trouble, they will remember you when they’re in trouble again. But you also made a friend for life.
4. Many people are alive only because it’s illegal to shoot them.
5. Alcohol does not solve any problems, but then neither does milk.  Wine says you are a very good dancer and Vodka says dance on the tabletops with people you don't know.
6. There are more uses for ball gags than we can all comprehend.  Mother in law that won't be quiet - Ballgag.
Tired of always putting your foot in your mouth....try a ballgag!  Ever wanted to sound like a Muppet? Ball gag

Mature Content

What a Little Devil! by subshopautumn

May you carry these very important words with you everywhere.  Love 
I have a wonderful dear friend who is going through a hard time.  He is worried about being judged for something that is beyond his control.  He is an upstanding and wonderful man and I greatly respect him.  And yet....others may talk about him.   Not that these others have reason to.  He is wonderful but yet he feels bad about other people's opinions.

I find myself struggling with this myself from time to time and wanted to bring comfort to anyone else who is as well. 

A friend once told me:

In life we are all given backpacks to carry.   You can choose what you put in your backpack.  Will it be light and airy or will be it be dark and dreary?  What will you carry with you?  Cotton Candy or Garbage? 

I believe that each person comes into this world to learn lessons.  One of the most important lessons is to find yourself and to find peace within.  To stand up against all the hardships that life throws at us, and to yet be noble and kind. 

Unfortunately there are some that rather than being noble and kind can be mean and spiteful.  Their words can cut like knives.  Their hate can feel like drudge upon us.  But when we look at it, is it really a reflection of us or is it more a reflection of them?  Are their views as important as your views?  In the end, what is it you wish to carry?  Your own thoughts and feelings or someone's garbage?

To those of you who may feel judged for being you, I say to you - FILL YOUR OWN BACKPACK AND TRAVEL LIGHTLY.  Only fill your backpack with your own items.  Don't carry someone else's garbage.  It belongs to them.

I know it's easier said than done, but as someone who was told last week at a Girl Scout event that the rumor was that I was "Into making Porn " hard that can be.  (I have to admit even this one shocked me!)  Turn the other cheek and laugh at them.   I know myself and I know who I am.  Others cruel words are a reflection upon them, not us. 

Just because someone says it - doesn't make it so.

And remember, if someone smack talks you at Girl Scouts....the best thing you can do is to eat their cookies and smile.....after all the coconut ones are delicious.....and we all know who we are and who we aren't. 

Carry you own backpack and choose not to pick up other's garbage along your path of life.  And know how truly loved and supported you are by the entire community.  Not just for who you are but what you are inside.  Beautiful.


Proud Gag Kisses & Bondage Hugs,
First I want to say thank you for all the heartfelt comments and sympathy about my beautiful doggie Ava passing away.  I am at peace that she is in a better place but I still miss all the silly little things about her.  And I think that is what is most important in life.  It's not the moments that are huge that I tend to look back upon, it's the smaller things.  A nice email when I'm feeling down about how someone felt better about themselves because of our site.  A smile from the person in front of me at the grocery store salad bar.  A great spin class where they played a song about a Unicorn for St. Patty's day.  A sweet note on the bathroom mirror from my husband.

All the little things in life add up to big things.  It's the tender and special moments in life which I cherish most.  And I want you to know that you are part of that.  I promised when I came back that I wouldn't hide anymore.  I had always felt like I had to be a bit of someone I wasn't.  Kind of like SuperStar Bondage Autumn who is always happy and always ON!  Which is part of who I am (if you heard the way I think in my head you would be shocked!), but also I am a nice quiet introvert as well.

You are my friends and you are my community and I love you.  Just for being you. 


I'm also on Twitter but I don't quite know what I'm doing with it, so give a me bit to get into the swing of it!

Fet Life:






 Autumn LeFleur

And I'm a few other places but after looking at that list above, I may need a nap! :)  That is a lot to keep up with!!  But I have to say that Deviant Art is one of my all time favorite communities. It's one of those places I can get lost in and go...wait a minute...that was TWO HOURS?! :)

So, now let's que the Cheeseyyyyyy....Golden Girls music....THANK YOU FOR BEING A FRIEND!

Death is not a very bondage-y subject but I wanted to let you know why I've been a bit silent.   My golden retriever Ava died last week.  We still have her brother, but it's hard to lose someone you love who is a part of the family.  So, if I'm a bit quiet for a while, it's not only because I hate you all *just kidding*, it's because I'm doing the best I can to move forward and reflect on how positive life can be even when things seem negative.

I know that somewhere Ava is running around and playing with all kinds of other doggies, getting lots of petttzzzzzzzzz and having her belly scratched. 

Even in the most difficult of times we have to move forward and look at the positive.  And while a death in my family, is difficult - I understand and acknowledge that we are all bound together not only in our difficulties but in our triumphs as well.  It's what makes us human and it's also what makes us a wonderful community.

So, for all of you pet lovers out there - give your dog, cat, snake, reptile, cockroach, goat, unicorn, ant farm or whatever...a belly scritch from me.  And a kiss on the forehead.  
Katy Perry knows a thing or two about latex dresses.  Goodness knows she has a bunch!  And she looks amazing in them.  But really is the appeal of latex?  In my new FUKITFRIDAY video blog, I tell you exactly what it is I love about about latex!

Please click the like button and pass it on to a friend!


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Okay, who's a big girl now?! *sung to the Toys'rUS theme*

I just posted my first video!!!

I finally got my youtube page set up!  Nicole has been posting them before I could (but I still love her...maybe..)CURSE YOU!

So, please like my channel on Youtube!! Hug  And leave me a nice comment! 

I love you all and appreciate you!!!:happybounce: Huggle! 
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A friend of mine who shall remain nameless (Nicole) called me her PREPPY FETISH FRIEND today.  I have to admit that while we were chatting, I was looking at Abercrombie wondering what the summer would bring, other than a rainfall of new ballgag colors (can't wait).

I had to laugh at her description though of me.  But I have to say it's actually right on the money.  Am I someone you would suspect that would be into bondage? Not unless you knew the actual kind of people into bondage.  Most people into bondage are just like well...You and I.  Preppy - maybe not always but more educated - yes.

So in all my bondage years experience who likes bondage.

FACTUAL ANSWER: Just about everybody has tried it at one point or another. 

Whether it's for them or not, is something they have to decide.  Over the years, especailly with the release of 50 Shades of Grey it's gotten even more popular and my goal is to bring Bondage out of the closet. 

<da:thumb id="443818113"/>

Although if done right being in the closet can actually be fun too.  It all depends upon how you look at it.

As to if I am preppy or not - my thought on this is...


PS - I need more friends at Facebook!  Friend me today and let's be BONDSTERS together! 

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For those of you not in the know, us Autumn Bondsters (a new term, I'm coining!) think Vanilla Sex is quite boring.

My definition of Vanilla Sex:  Lights Off, Missionary, I wasn't ready yet...pump..pump..pumppp...done...roll over...turn on the news

Did I get it right?  Because it's been so long since I've had vanilla sex that I think that is how it goes.  As I discussed earlier...

Why Bondage is BAD....

1) Bondage is for adult playtime.
2) Bondage allows you to act out your fantasies
3) Bondage brings a smile to your face
4) Bondage makes you feel safe
5) Bondage makes you feel appreciated for who you fully are
6) Bondage gives you intense orgasms:o (Eek) 
7) It gives you wonderful Aftershocks:happybounce: 

And Now....we will Discuss


1) You can pick out what you are wearing to work while you are having sex...
2) You can lay back and think of England
3) Everyone loves a good nap
4) Gives you time to reflect upon when the last time you dusted was...
5) Over very fast because no one wants to be there either...:o (Eek) 
6)  The lights are off so you are saving electricity
7)You may have burned about 10 calories
8) Over in 20 minutes or less
9) Fuck Foreplay....who needs it
10) No one came...only went....(think about it for a's an Autumn original...);) (Wink) 

So....there you have it! NOW YOU KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN MISSING OUT ON!  Amazing Orgasms - WHO NEEDS 'EM!  After Shocks?! Why Bother!  Great mornings that you sing at your desk - that's for looooooserrrrrs! Giggle

How many great things can you think of for WHY VANILLA SEX IS GREAT?!  We need your comments....really....because....I can't think of anymore.....Giggle 

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Have you ever wondered why bondage is so bad?  Why is that someone is not embarrassed for liking chocolate chip cookies over sugar cookies but yet some people feel guilt and a terrible sense of shame over like (or loving) bondage?

Over the many years, I have been so blessed to be a part of the bondage community, it would absolutely shock and astound you how many emails I've gotten about how much Sub-Shop helped people feel better about themselves. Our goal was always to be a safe haven in the storm of guilt and shame surrounding sexuality. After all, our nation was founded by the Puritans.  I think the Europeans have a much better handle on things, but even the emails I would get from overseas could be heartbreaking.

In thinking on this, I've come up with some ideas...


1) Bondage is for adult playtime.
2) Bondage allows you to act out your fantasies
3) Bondage brings a smile to your face
4) Bondage makes you feel safe
5) Bondage makes you feel appreciated for who you fully are
6) Bondage gives you intense orgasms:o (Eek) 
7) It gives you wonderful Aftershocks:happybounce: 

Let's see how many more reasons we can come up with WHY BONDAGE IS BAD....Love 

Coming up next....Why Vanilla Sex is GREAT!

Sneak Preview:
1) You can pick out what you are wearing to work while you are having sex...
2) You can lay back and think of England
3) Everyone loves a good nap


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It's kind of funny.  For so long I thought I was being very *stealth* as though no one knew the real me.  But when the news came out, I knew it wasn't true.  I've gotten emails addressed to my real name on here and people asking about my personal life as though they knew me (or wanted readings), so I thought I would out myself before someone else did.  Although, technically I've been out for a while.  It's hard to think you are "in the closet" when you have a news crew at your front door....

Yes, my name is Collette. :)  But my persona or who I am is Autumn and that is exactly who I am here.  We all have our secret selves and Autumn is mine.  Collette is shy, Autumn is not.  It's a lot like Beyounce. She uses Sascha Fierce as her stage persona.  It let's her be who she is underneath.  *wink*  Or Lady Gaga's real name is  Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, Marc Anthony is Marco Antonio Muñiz, and Dita Von Teese is Heather Renée Sweet. And the list goes on and on. 

I think we all are multi-faceted people with different sides of ourselves.  Autumn is a part of me.  And I am a part of her.  I promised you that when I came back, I wasn't going to hide.  I was done with that.  I am real and authentic.  This is my voice.  This is who I am.
<da:thumb id="433059488"/>

I just happen to have an amazing ballgag collection and more handcuffs than the State Troopers. 

I want to celebrate the side of each and every person that allows for freedom of expression.  We shouldn't have to be conflicted anymore as to who we are or what we desire.  I outed myself for me, but I also outed myself for you.  It took a lot of me pushing my fear aside to be able to say, "this is who I am".  I want you to do the same thing.  I wanted to be the inspiration for anyone who is struggling with that part of themselves they feel is wrong or feel embarrassed about. I want you to know that nice, normal, safe and sane person is into bondage.  As a matter of fact, I love bondage.  I love the sexiness of it.  The safeness that I feel wrapped up tightly in my lover's arms in rope and the beauty of our playing together.  I honor that side of myself and I want you to honor that side of yourself.  I want you to feel loved for the person you are truly and fully.  The bullying and the name calling ends here.  As I said before, "not on my watch". 

My goal is to build an online community where people feel supported, uplifted and loved for who they are and most of all - CELEBRATED!  Sex is a celebration of life and love.  We don't have to like it all the same way.  Why would we?!  That would be very boring!  Some people like vanilla.  And some people like Mocha, Rocky Road, Bubble Gum, Strawberry, Tutti Fruitti and Sprinkles on top! 

That is what life is supposed to be.  It's about finding our true selves and about being who we really are.  I wanted to give that gift to you.  To step out of the closet and say, "it's okay".   If I can do it, you can do too.  You can feel loved and supported for being who you are - FULLY.  You don't have to hide anymore.  You can be loved for exactly who you are without exception.  And we will do it together! 

Together we will build a bondage community with our Bondage Uprising that will be all these things.       

PS - As a online friend told me, "Yes, it took me literally 5 minutes to find out everything about you.  I'm in IT, you can't hide....we know everything...".    
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As I mentioned before in my Why I cam Back journal entry, there were a lot of reasons why I took time off from the love of my life  

One of them was that I spent that year not only taking care of our adopted and biological children with Special Needs but also that I wrote 5 books, all about my experiences of being a Psychic Medium.  Now, I know it's not for everyone and I respect that.    But it's a gift I've had since I was a small child due to a severely messed up childhood and it's helped me in numerous ways.  What I find most rewarding is that it gives others comfort.  Comfort that they thought they would never find.

So whether you believe in the afterlife or not, here is one of my books - and yes, that is my real name -…

Sensuality and Spiritual, along with creating a positive uplifting movement is what my life mission is about.  To give comfort for those who are lost.  To shelter those who feel they have nothing more and to give love to those who feel unloved.  My readings helped so many and I have been so thankful to bring peace and solid knowledge to those who were in pain that life does go on.

I feel exposed to you as I share this part of my life with you.  As I said before, no more hiding who I am.  This is me.  For whatever you are going through and struggling with may it bring you comfort, peace and joy.  They are all authentic, just as I myself am.

If you read it and like it, I would appreciate your honest review on Amazon and

So, there you have it.  Autumn fully exposed. I have outed myself as being who I am.  It can be scary when you drop all the pretenses but it can also be calming is there is nothing more to fear.  I believe it is in fear that we found our darkest moments and it creates our darkest hours.  By giving up the fear and standing up proclaiming who wears, we lose the fear.  I couldn't do Bondage Uprising and hide this part of myself.  Bondage Uprising is about letting go of fear and letting love in.
My name is Autumn, I am a Bondage Model.  My name is Collette, I am a Psychic Medium.  They are all parts of me in my own self, wrapped mystically around me into the woven tapestry of the person I am.  
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Okay!  So have you ever wondered  why I love Latex?!

Find out here!!!

VOTE FOR ME!!!  I want to be the most popular girl in bondage land!!! Yeahhh!

I hope you like it!!! Love The beautiful Nicole posted it before I could!  CURSE YOU! Hug 

And Ooops! That is a Nip Slip!  :o (Eek)  I knew you were going to call me out on it!  Giggle 
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