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Fire vs. Ice WIP

My last project for digital painting class, blending 2D with 3D.
The guidelines that my teacher gave are rather ambiguous, but I seem to doing well so far. It's due this Thursday.

The dragons are from my original logo project. [link]
I created texture maps and slightly altered the model for the "R" viseran. (A viseran is a dragon that I made up, I'll have to further explain them at some point.)

Please give feedback! :eager:

:ohnoes: I almost forgot about giving credit!
THANK YOU to :iconstock7000: for the dragon bark texture. I cranked the levels (color, curves, and saturation) to get color, bump, and specular maps for the dragon.
Here's the original stock: [link]
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The angle one the fire dragon is a problem, its hard to see what it's form is, when I looked at it I couldnt tell it was a dragon. Try rotating it a bit clockwise. The water dragon looks FANTASTIC Though, blends with the 2D very well.
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I can try re-rendering in a different angle. Thank you. :)
I love the way the water dragon looks. :love:
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Can I also suggest that you redo the texture on the fire dragon, paint it the same way you've painted the rest of the fire in the scene, it stands out too clearly with the texture it has now.

I cant tell exactly but it looks to me like the ice dragon's texture was painted, you can see the strokes, it blends in much better.
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That's a good idea. I was trying to go for "extra-fiery", but it would probably be better to just blend it in more.
Thank you! :)
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i really like the whole idea of 2D and 3D mixed together!!! The dragons are BA and they really grab your attention!!! GREAT JOB!!!! (is that good for feedback?)
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:aww: Usually (at least for me) the definition of feedback means to tell what you think, and give suggestions as to what to do (provided you know the software.) I think that unless you know how to use Autodesk Maya and Photoshop CS4, you fufilled the requirements quite well. :thumbsup: :)
So, thanks for your feedback! :clap:

One thing though, what does "BA" mean?
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BA= Bad Ass lol yeah.. i suck at photoshop... i guess a suggestion would be to use more white in the ice and more black in the fire
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Hmm... I might try that. Thanks! :thumbsup:
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