The Prop Swap 5: Soft Reset

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attribute theft, shrinking, breast expansion, body part swap, reality alteration, sort of inanimate tf, head swap

Kiyo quietly shut the door behind her as she entered the testing lab late on a Saturday. Kiyo was very short, standing in at 4’9”. To help ensure people treated her seriously, Kiyo was one of the few employees to wear business-formal attire every day: High heels, blouse, jacket, and rather tight dress pants that showed off her greatest asset. The only formality Kiyo forgave herself on weekends was that her long black hair was let down instead of up in a bun, since it was unlikely for a stray CEO to walk in on a Saturday. Kiyo saw Anna propped up on one of the desks with a tablet in front of her. Not feeling the need to talk to her mindless coworker, Kiyo began setting up at another desk. Kiyo had a long weekend ahead of her if she was going to meet her deadlines.

Once Kiyo had her laptop and ray-gun set up, she took a peek at Anna. Despite being one of the best scientists on the campus, Anna was effectively just an empty body. It was amazing how somebody without a mind could be so productive. She had very nice boobs, certainly bigger than Kiyo’s. Kiyo considered using one of the devices in the lab to turn Anna into a set of wearable-boobs once they were both done with their work. It’s not like anybody would notice. Well, nobody would notice if Anna was missing for a few days. They might notice if Kiyo's boobs went up a few cup sizes, though.

After roughly an hour of working and occasionally sighing while staring at Anna’s body, Kiyo aimed the ray-gun she was working on at Anna. The general rule was that so long as it wouldn’t hinder another employee’s ability to get work done, anybody was fair game for testing things on.

With a hint of passion, Kiyo pulled the trigger. One over-the-top, blindingly bright laser beam later, Anna had been changed. Kiyo got up to examine the results.

Anna’s body was roughly the same, except it was as though she had been crunched down by 12 inches. Instead of her head easily being able to look down at her tablet, her eyes were now just above the desk she was working at. Anna’s curves also became more pronounced.

It was then that the 22-hour timer on Anna putting her mind inside the tablet had run out. A low ding came from Anna’s tablet and her mind returned to her body.

Anna quickly assessed her surroundings. She was shorter, her boobs were bigger, and one of her coworkers, Kiyo, was staring at her expectantly.

“Well?” Kiyo asked. Despite believing moments ago that Anna had always been just a mindless body, Kiyo’s perception of reality had quickly adjusted to match with Anna’s mind returning.

“What did you change?” Anna asked, barely grasping the situation.

“I reduced your height by 20 percent and moved the mass into all of your other prime measurements, such as bust and hips,” Kiyo said matter-of-factly, “Your last physical had your height at roughly 168 centimeters. If I calibrated this correctly, you should now be about 134 centimeters tall. Can I measure you?”

“I’m four feet tall!?” Anna shouted, half in excitement and half in shock.

“No, you’re a bit taller. I made you roughly four feet and five inches tall,” Kiyo replied.

Anna reached up onto the desk and grabbed the property swapper. Three new properties, “Height reduced by 22.6%”, “Curves enhanced by 22.6%”, and “Zapped by Kiyo’s Squasher Ray”, bubbled up to the front of the interface.

“Are you feeling any side effects? Increased strength due to compression, perhaps?”

Anna got down from her chair and got a better perspective on just how short she was now. Anna was previously taller than Kiyo, but now she had to look up to make eye-contact with her.

“I feel pretty much the same. Based on what the device I’m working on right now says, the only thing that’s changed is my height and, uhh, curves,” Anna said, blushing.

Kiyo pulled out some measuring tape and efficiently gathered all of Anna’s measurements.

“Hmm, looks like you’re 130 centimeters tall and proportionately larger elsewhere. My math must be off. Thanks, Anna. I’ll change you back when I add the reversal function,” Kiyo said.

Anna watched Kiyo slowly walk back to her laptop, still writing down notes on a notepad. Not wanting to waste an opportunity to test out the property swapper’s interactions with other magitech devices, Anna quickly added Kiyo to the other side of the property swapper’s interface and got to work on swapping some properties. First up were two of Kiyo’s unexpected additions to Anna’s busy weekend: “Height reduced by 22.6%” and “Zapped by Kiyo’s Squasher Ray”.


Anna shot back up to her normal height, while Kiyo shrank ever shorter to a very small 3’9”. Anna stood at a mere 5’6”, but now Kiyo’s head only came up to Anna’s navel.

Anna had kept the “Curves enhanced by 22.6%” property on herself. She liked having extra wide hips, but quickly realized that her enhanced bust was far larger than she was prepared for. Combined with still having the perkiness of Brittney’s small boobs from before, Anna’s boobs were too much to deal with for now. With the plan to try it out again later, Anna swapped the enhanced curves with no target and stored them in the tablet.


Although Anna didn’t want to be quite so top-and-bottom-heavy, she was still interested in trying out being bottom heavy. While Kiyo was still standing and writing notes with her back turned, Anna swapped Kiyo’s ass with her own.


Anna quickly felt up the behind she had freshly stolen from her coworker. Despite Anna’s expectations, Kiyo’s rear was only slightly larger than her own. Anna stole another glance at Kiyo and saw that Anna’s ass in Kiyo’s pants looked the same as Kiyo’s ass always looked. Anna assumed that Kiyo’s dress pants must be putting in a lot of work. Not wanting to keep a pointless trade, Anna swapped back backsides with Kiyo.


Before putting the property swapper to rest, Anna tried swapping one more thing she was curious about. Anna set the timer to two hours and tapped the button on the screen.


Anna’s pale skin had changed to Kiyo’s darker hue. Kiyo’s skin, oppositely, became pale. Anna chanced a peek under her bra. Anna was amused to see that, in addition to every inch of her body being darker, her nipples had changed from their pale pink to a dark brown.

Not having anything else to work on and knowing she would have more time at home to examine her temporary skin, Anna packed up her belongings and trotted out the door.

“Thanks again for overseeing my self-test today!” Kiyo said, “Hopefully I can get back to full-size and figure out where the extra mass went by Monday.”

Apart from a few more peeks to marvel at her darker nipples, Anna’s drive home was uneventful. The temptation to use the property swapper at stoplights to change her light from red to green was palpable, but Anna didn’t want to have to explain to a police officer why she was playing with a tablet while driving. Anna then contemplated swapping roles with such a police officer and not giving herself a ticket.

Before she knew it, she was home. Anna closed the apartment door behind her and took stock of the place. On one hand, the apartment was just the way she had left it. On the other hand, Anna had left things in a somewhat surreal state. Heather’s body was standing perfectly still with its hands on its hips and a mannequin’s head on its shoulders, Heather’s head was attached to a mixture of mannequin and ballerina-figurine parts on the couch, and Brittney’s tiny voice came shouting from the music box she was trapped in.

The 24-hour mark that would let Heather swap herself back had already passed. Anna double checked the time on her phone as she sat down next to Heather.

“Anna! I didn’t hear you come in! Did you get a tan?” Heather asked.

“Tan? Oh, right. This is on a timer. I swapped skin tones with Kiyo from work,” Anna said.

“The Asian one?” Heather asked.

“Yes, but we call her ‘the short one’,” Anna clarified, “And she is very, very short right now, but that’s not entirely my fault. Anyways, did the safety not work? You should have been able to swap back three hours ago,” Anna said, re-re-checking the time of the swap she made yesterday.

“Umm, well, I haven’t tried it yet,” Heather replied. “I like being Brittney.”

“I wasn’t expecting that…” Anna said, stroking her chin.

“It’s just so nice!” Heather continued, “I don’t have to worry about anything. I get to just sit here and enjoy the couch like Brittney always does.”

“Brittney, I mean, uhh, the ballerina who actually owns that body, doesn’t always sit on the couch. Well, Brittney does like to watch a lot of TV, but she has a life besides that, you know?” Anna said.

The ballerina in the music box shouted its agreement from the coffee table.

“But what about Brittney? She finally gets to have a body that moves,” Heather said, gesturing her head towards the mannequin head currently parked on Heather’s body. “She hasn’t tried moving yet, so she might not want to swap back either.”

“Brittney isn’t Brittney, Brittney is a mannequin. I mean… A mannequin is Brittney. Look, Heather, this is really complicated. Can you try swapping back so I can sort this all out?”

“…Can you put me back in Brittney’s body after I swap out of it?” Heather asked.

“By Brittney’s body, do you mean the body you’re on right now?” Anna raised an eyebrow and gestured to the mannequin body below Heather’s head.

“Oh, yes, please. Can you do it?” Heather asked.

“Yes. Done. Absolutely. A hundred times, yes. Now, please try to swap back into your body,” Anna pleaded.

Heather focused her attention on her body for a moment. A lower-pitched ding rang out from the property swapper and Heather’s head was back on her body.

“Wow, it’s so instantaneous,” Heather said, taking her hands off her hips and patting herself down.

“Safety works, check,” Anna said and made a note on her tablet.

The music box ballerina made some noise.

“Yes, Brittney, I’m going to use the hard-reset now.”

Anna ceremoniously lifted her finger high above her tablet and pressed it down on a button labeled “HARD RESET”.

There was no ding.

Anna pressed the button again. Still nothing.

More noise came from the music box ballerina.

“I did, Brittney, but I must have missed something. Look, I’ll fix it later. For now, I’ll just do this,” Anna said while pressing buttons.

Ding. Ding.

From Brittney’s perspective, she now had Heather’s body from the neck down. From Heather’s perspective, the ballerina figurine’s head was now perched on top of her body.

“You gave my body to a figurine?” Heather asked and bit her lip.

“It’s Brittney,” Anna said, “And I’m loaning her your body until I can figure out why the property swapper’s hard reset isn’t working. You’re borrowing ‘her’ body anyways, right?”

Heather looked down guiltily as Brittney piloted Heather’s body over to the music box.

Brittney lifted up what been her temporary home for the past day or so. Seeing her own tiny body wearing a tutu and posing was odd enough, but to top it all off the head on her miniature body was a mannequin’s. She experimentally turned the music box’s key once to watch her body slowly and robotically spin for a few seconds.

“Trippy,” Brittney whispered.

“If you’re happy with this, Heather, I’ll be debugging in my room for the rest of the night,” Anna said.

Brittney quickly put down the music box and opened her mouth to protest, but Anna cut her off.

“Nuh-uh. Don’t even pretend you don’t like having Heather’s body. This is your reward for helping me test out the property swapper. Now shoo,” Anna said, waving Brittney off.

Brittney grabbed a handful of Heather’s tight behind in one hand, grabbed a handful of one of Heather’s boobs in the other hand, gave Anna a curt nod, and hurried off to her room. Anna smiled seeing Heather’s long-legged body run with Brittney’s normally short-stepped gait.

“My body is a reward, huh?” Heather asked.

“Brittney loves the way you look. I do, too. I’m sure she won’t do anything too naughty…”


“…Especially now that Brittney’s sexual urges just got stored in the property swapper,” Anna said, waving the tablet. “That should keep everything in her room rated no higher than PG-13 for the night.”

Heather blushed at the thought of what the ballerina figurine might have done without Anna’s timely theft.

“Oh, and one more thing before I go to work on fixing this,” Anna said, tapping away on the tablet as she got up from the couch.


The brown pixie cut on Anna’s head changed to Heather’s natural blonde, while the opposite happened to Heather’s hair in its ponytail.

“Have fun being a brunette! I need to go see if my ‘tan’ and your hair color go all the way down,” Anna said.

Anna daintily walked her way to her bedroom, leaving Heather to enjoy the peace and relaxation of the couch. The only thing that managed to break her tranquility was the occasional loud noise from Anna and Brittney’s rooms. Heather was quite enjoying using “Brittney”’s body. The thought of potentially getting to try out Anna’s body later made Heather blush.

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Will you be continuing this any time soon? this was very well done!

Most of the next chapter is done. I have to tie up all of the loose ends I wrote and it makes me procrastinate.

pokemonthrway's avatar

Looking forward to it!

The next few probably won't have much, but I do have some plans in the long-term. I'll try to remember to add "unaware" to my tags at the top when it's a big thing.

Brittney's head was swapped onto Heather's body, so right now they'd just see her as Heather ;P

Reality likes to stay congruent with itself. With the exception of people in the awareness registry doing things that would only be possible with a swapped property and (therefore adjusting the flow of reality), all events still happen the same way they would have without the swap as best as they can.

Hypothetically, if Brittney worked as a cashier at a store, any customer that would have been served by Brittney would innately 'know' that they are being served by Brittney at that cash register even if she was still at home sitting on the couch. They would simply serve themselves so that business continued as usual, even if they normally had no idea how to work the register. If you asked the customer how they knew to work the register, they would say something along the lines of "The cashier is helping me" or look at you as if you asked a stupid question. If you asked another employee "Who is manning the cash register?", they would say "Brittney" even though she isn't physically there.

None of the people in this situation would find any of this strange.

Maxperu's avatar

I do wonder if the hard reset will fix Heather's perception of Britney. Perhaps once the feature is fixed, they can try to swap more things and while Anne has been the one trying odd swaps, perhaps the girls can come out with some of their own making Anne interested and take more notes.

It will be interesting to see how the awareness registry interacts with the hard reset, yes.

NintendiumMan's avatar

If there's two things I enjoy in a good trait-swapping story, it's reality alteration shenanigans, and oddly specific trait swapping.

This story has so far been an excellent scratch to fit that exact niche.

Great job! And looking forwards to more (if you've got more planned, that is)

"Write the kink-smut you wish to see in the world." --Ghandi

I have more planned, but if life gets in the way or I get struck by lightning then this could just as easily be the last update.

dkfenger's avatar

Tch. Well, at least she is testing the reset... Seriously, though, it should be higher on the priority list.

Cute, having fun with it.

Everybody seems happy with the current state of affairs. Why the rush to swap everything back? ;P

dkfenger's avatar

In the context of "nobody notices reality has changed" transformations, that criteria is a bit weak...

If it puts you at ease in the long term, I assure you that fixing Heather's awareness will have very little impact on how much she likes being stuck.

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