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to our group Submit That Art!
We are a friendly group that helps Deviants grow! Make sure to join and have fun!

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Hey guys it's Bec and I'm back!
Quick update on our featured folder. It seems that our featured folder is full (I'm so confused as to why it would have a limit >: ( )
So we need to create a new one.
I was thinking that maybe instead of the name "Featured folder" we could call it something else; something named by you!

*Submissions to the featured folder might be delayed a bit, but they will be sorted through soon : )*
Thanks for joining us in the group!
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Traditional Art FULL
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DIY, Crafts, Costumes
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Books, Stories, Poems and Text
Candy's References SheetBasic informations-NAMECandy Starlight-AGE18-BIRTHDAY21st January-GENDER Female-SEXUALITYBisexual-HEIGHT5'0-SPECIESHybrid between a monster and an alien.-FUN FACTCandy's diet is based only of candies and sweets. She needs lots of shugar on her blood to live.First appearanceCandy has very long white hair with light blue and purple reflexes.Her body is covered by dark pink freckles.She has got big pointy ears and a very slim stomach (more than a standard feminine body) with large hips and thick thighs.Her eyes are completely black with a heart that takes the place of the pupils. The inside of her mouth is purple and her tongue is a bright blue.She has got big horns made of a very strong and resistant and transparent material, similar to glass. At the appearence, her horns are like Christmas candy canes, but inside them there is a liquid that tastes very sweet if it's drunk. Her blood can assume that liquid when Candy has a sugar drop. Still, that's very difficult for her to have a sugar drop, since she can and eats only everything that's related to candies and sweets.Particularities/AccessoriesCandy uses braces for her oversized canines, in fact, when she was born, her teeth were bigger than normal canines.On the left side of her waist she has tatooed the planet Saturn. That's her favourite planet, even because there lives Kyra, one of the closests Candy's friends.Both of her ears are full of pink and yellow piercings.PersonalityCandy is a flirty girl, can be very sassy to strangers (and sometimes with friends too), with a strong and brave heart, she won't let anyone to hurt her feelings. But at the same time, if you get confidential to her, she will show you her affection and love, by doing little things that could prove it. She can become very shy and a bit clumsy when she is around someone that she likes or love. She is a naughty girl that loves to joke and mess around with people, but when she gets angry she can become very destructive.LikesEvery kind of sweets, animals, stars and galaxies, fight, horror movies, cuddles, cooking, singing, make-up, myths and legends, classic music, clouds.DislikesDrama queens, rules, salty food.BackstoryCandy comes from a planet very far from Earth. Her home planet is named GalaptuneThis planet is like a paradise for Earth kids: the floor and the ground is made of chocolate grains, the plants and the trees are made of candy canes and licorice, the rocks are made of marshmallows, the houses.. just imagine the witch's house of sweets of the film Hansel and Gretel! That's it, everything there is made of sweets.Still, if at the appearance this Planet looks like a paradise, when everyone is kind and sweets, it isn't really like that.In Galaptune, the rules are very strict and rigid, and at Candy's home the situation wasn't better.Her parents were people who always kept to the rules, no matter what. Her parents already didn't look very good at Candy when she was born, they would sincerely prefered a male, for the logic of more strenght. They were thinking of abandoning her, but they decided to keep her. But since she was like 5 years old, her parents were very rude to her: she was abused by her father (but the mother didn't know, and still doesn't know about this), the mother kept trying to teach her to be respectful and kind, but with no result, since Candy's mother's methods weren't really the best. Her parents never let her do what a normal teenager could do. Nothing. Just staying at home everyday. She could only go out for school.So, at the age of 15 years, she decided to run away from home, with the excuse of going to school like the other days. At the first moment, she tried to take refuge on her own planet, but it was too easy to recognize her (since she was a bit different from Galaptune species) and she knew that sooner her parents would find her. So she decided to run away from Galaptune and go to a new planet, populated by humans, the Earth.<<Finally I made it guys! Here is everything you need to know about Candy! I've spent an entire afternoon and evening, so sorry if there could be any grammatical mistake. English isn't my first lenguage after all, but I hope you will be interested more about her! Now I can finally take a break, I think. If someone may have some questions about Candy you can ask me! Even if I know no one probably won't o o f. Welp, that's it! I hope you will be interested on reading this. Have a nice day y'all!>>Everything was designed, drew and written by me, HappyLilFurry (YasashiiTenshi)>> <<
Anubia Possesed by Anubis by ymymy
Adopt Auction #2 [OPEN] by MagicalEGirl
Adopt auction #71 [OPEN] by egoNorainu
MYTHICAL ADOPTABLES !!OPEN!! 16/24 by Kotrosia
Adopt Design: Darlene by K-CD
Place of Stars by OokamiKuna
Baby N by jeancarlos22
Sagittarius by cookies5529
Dark ages|Defeated by DanStrogg
Fanart FULL
American Rabbit refixed, boom your welcome by Cartoonfan402
Fili by FrerinHagsolb
summer by autodi
a by RandK3
orostarr dtiys in insta by meeshichan
Omerger by CreativeStorm1
bust adopt [open] by yossev
halfbody adopt [open] by yossev

Mature Content

My roommate is a succubus ( 1 ) by UchihaSama224
Blushing Candy by HappyLilFurry
The Autumn Migration by agevla77

Mature Content

Mi amo chicanas todos. by Elhabanero20

Mature Content

Yulya by RandK3
Tesoro Escondido by Valeria-Perez
Kanao by PackioTran
Can't put it in any other folders
halo by Elleylie
I don't know where to put it
Flower-Bears -open species- by GuinTea
Porter Robinson Worlds Wallpaper - Unison by imaginin-dragonins

Mature Content

Svenja collects donations by White-Viper
Storm dragon by shiroixue
Reference sheet
Marcella (HH OC) [Reference Sheet] by XxVampweebyxX
Sketches or WIP
Happy and Content by TheMrKraken
Mightier Than The Sea by with-all-heart
McQueen and Simba  Toys Photo Redraw by Rabies-Lyssavirus
Digital Art FULL
Grotle SpeedPainting by DwRPainting
Doc Holliday // Wynonna Earp by mpcreates
Jungkook by black184
Surrender Now or Prepare to DIE by LoopyPanda
Puppy Rick, RickTron, and Morty by VanTron64Gamer
In The Spotlight
Rose Collar by MarinaArts
Hetalia Italy Cosplay by YamiKlaus
D.Va by Grigorart
Retard Hyena by morqque
The moon by DrVetson
Commission  bust by sememka
Cat Breedable Sheet - OPEN by RyesCreates
Hamster Soup by TheMoonlightMadGirl


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Group Info

Welcome to SubmitThatArt. Here you can submit any art you want :D Literature, photography, adopts, you name it, you can submit it! Here we wish to have a nice community so keep it friendly :)


- All Mature art MUST be put in the Mature folder
- Try and be as friendly as possible, we're a nice group!
- Some of our deviants like feedback; please give constructive criticism!
- Please limit ONE deviation a day to the featured folder :)
- Stealing art/ art theft is NOT tolerated
-We DO NOT put SELF-PROMOTIONS in the FEATURED FOLDER eg. Comission DETAILS + info contests, raffles etcetc
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hi, I just wanna post my art
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Uh hi! I'm a shy girl that loves to draw! (I still don't want to define myself as an Artist)
My dream is to become an animation maker, and I'd love to share my art to everyone!
I have a very cartoonist artstyle: big eyes and big head, thin and small body <<somethimes tHiCc>>
Now I'm working on my two ocs Kyra and Candy! I have to define better their backstory and reference!
I hope lots of you will check my art, and I'll check yours too! 🤍Cute Bat 
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