Accepted at Seattle Erotic Art Festival
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Dear submissann:

We are delighted to inform you that you have been selected to show in the 2009 Seattle Erotic Art Festival. Your work was TWO of 215 pieces chosen from 2,100 submissions we received from 530 artists in 38 states and 29 countries. Congratulations!

This year's jury consisted of:

Marita Holdaway, owner Benham Gallery
Jena Scott, director artResource Gallery
Jerry Slipman, owner Pacini Lubel Gallery
Information about the jurors can be found at

The "Slave WithIn Series" is submissann's concept, photographed by Craig Morey.

Title: The Slave WithIn Series: Stand
Title: The Slave WithIn Series: Sitting


i'm very honored.  i'm looking forward to attending and meeting the other contributors, seeing performers, just taking it all in.


i would like to thank Jim Duvall, whom told me to enter this work in Art Festivals when he saw it.

i love my life.

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wynnesomeProfessional Photographer
Whoo, congratulations!
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Thank you. It is simply a great opportunity on so many levels.

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wynnesomeProfessional Photographer
Definitely so! Best of luck with the show - is it a competition, or are the pieces for sale? Or simply a juried exhibition? I'm familiar with the show by name, from hearing mention, but not with exactly what it consists of, other than being very selective to get in!
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A jury picks the pieces that are selected to show at the Art Festival. You can enter up to five pieces. i have read different places that because the limited space, they had a guideline of not accepting more than 3 pieces from one artist. The Art is for sell and you can option to sell copies at their store. It was only $15.00 to enter. i'm going to send you my list of Art Festivals that i think are really good shows. You should get your art out there, You are brilliant.

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wynnesomeProfessional Photographer
:) Thank you so much for the information and vote of confidence. I spend so much time promoting the studio, and business, and it's always easier to promote other people than myself. And it's only been maybe the last year or so I started feeling confident enough to even think of promoting my work to shows or galleries. A few people have really started "pushing" me (in a nice way!) to do that recently, so maybe it's time, and thank you very much for any information you have that you can share!