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Spatial Encoding Ultra Lapis

Here's another orb related design for you tech freaks out there.
Please, respect my work as well as the work of others. Also, if you are planning to use the artwork herein other than what its original intent, all I ask is for you to contact me beforehand. Otherwise, inform yourselves before plagiarizing artwork that is obviously not yours.

1 additional color scheme on the way.

Thank you and enjoy.


Anti-Theft card info:…

Copy belongs to link above and design by yours truly.
© 2011 - 2021 submicron
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Oh, thank you.
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did someone say tech freak? lol. this is outstanding, truly stunning work sub. you are a master at what you do man i hope u never stop. much respect to you sir for sharing your work with us
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Thank you kindly friend. xD
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:woohoo: :w00t: :omg:

Amazing,Thank you very much
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No, thank you for the support. Enjoy. xD
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brilliant work thank you
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Thank you so much. Enjoy.
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One word excellent thanks! :)
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awesome wallpaper..thnx for creating such an awesome artwork!!!!!!!!
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Oh, thank you so much. Enjoy.
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Looks awesome :D What font is the Spatial in please and thank you.
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I could be wrong but I think is Neogrey.
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perfect!!! This one is on my PC at work, Linux Mint
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Thank you. Glad you dig it.
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Another beauty thanks so much submicron you make the beat walls bud :)
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Great Job bro. Thanks
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Thanks so much. Enjoy.
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This is really a fantastic, beautiful work, what you make, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!=)
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Thank you so much. Am glad you like it.
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