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Mechanism Of Desire

I forgot to mention that one stock was use from my personal library as well as the brush set. However, I did use a texture background from these guys

Well, after being absent a long while I decided to make a special box that most of you are familiar with. Unfortunately, it wasn’t ready for Halloween do to Adobe apps crapping out on me. You think after so many years they will get the programming right. Don't hold your breath. LOL.

Anyways, I wanted to create this whole scene using only Photoshop and Illustrator without the aid of 3D rendering programs. It was very ambitious undertaking since everything was done in a sort of traditional manner. Not sure if I pull it off but I guess in the end is all about showmanship.

I learned much in the process. I must be honest I did feel a bit rusty since I hadn't done anything in months but am sure we all go through that. I hope you guys like it and as always thank you for the loyal support.

PLEASE A VERY IMPORTANT CONSIDERATION: Make sure you apply these walls through your browser since some are PNGs'. This method only applies for Windows 7 and older Oses. lf set through windows control panel it'll look like a low quality compressed file with hideous artifacts. Fair warned. xD Windows 10 users
need NOT to worry about this since the core graphics in 10 has new interpolation kernel for handling PNG's.

These wallpapers are free for personal use. Distributing my artwork commercially or with any intent for monetary gains is prohibited.


License: [link]

Anti-Theft card info: [link]
© 2013 - 2022 submicron
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your work is always something different and attract me lot. lighting is always perfect test is always great sometimes i don't understand but like lot. ;) 
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Don't worry I sometimes don't understand it myself. xD BTW, thank you.
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Thank you. Glad you liked it. xD
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2 Thumbs up...Great Job!!!!

Thumbs Up   Thumbs Up 
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Thank you. Enjoy.
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:wave: Hey there!
Your wallpaper has been featured in my weekly journal: Wallpaper Wednesday #38
I'd love if you could take a look, and let me know which is your favourite this week :D Also be sure to let the Deviant in question know that you admire their work :la:
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Thank you so very kindly. Much appreciated.
Absolutly love it!! I just watch the whole Hellraiser series and bought a Hellraiser box on Amazon. This is one of my favorite horror series, and I can't wait for the remake which is being penned by the original creator Clive Barker. And the best part is Doug Bradly is coming back as Pinhead, because it wouldn't be right if it was anybody else.
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Yes, I heard of the remake. Not sure how that will sit with today's audience but if they stick to the true Hellbound novel it may have a chance. Anyways, thank so much for the comment.
As long as it's nothing like the last Hellraiser movie all will be good for me. With Clive barker writing it I'm sure it will be great no matter what.
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Let's hope for that. xD
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The only evil to ever give me the feeling of dread after watching. Great desktop and awesome representation of evil. Well done sir.
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Thank you so much. Yeah, it does give a feeling of unending suffering. xD
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My sister jokes often about getting me one of the replicas... told her if she ever does that I'm just returning it lol.
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LOL. It's funny my sister has one. I was thinking of making one myself.
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If you do make yourself one, you would have to post photos of it. :-D
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Yeah, for sure I will do that. My old man he's a carpenter and a wood worker. So am sure without a doubt he will give me a hand with it.
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I'd actually considering buying one if I could actually get it hand made. (Better than amazon or ebay any day).
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I think in my opinion hand made might just be quite possibly better than a product that's already made. It's like the rendition of the box I made for that wall. There are a few things I did different.
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Now this is awesome! Love the movie as well. ;-)
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Thank you sir. Glad you dig it. xD
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Your most welcome. :-)
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.. ooo Hellraiser :D
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