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Dominion Of The Cell WH


Please, note that this wall is now a PNG file in other words in order to get the best possible quality without pixelation and crush colors you need to apply it through your favorite web browser. There are other methods but this one is the most effective and easy use. I been going back a forth with friends on this matter and the problem stems from Windows itself. For sake of memory Windows tends to compress the PNG into a JPEG. If you apply the wallpaper either though the desktop or applying it through the Control Panel the answer will be obvious. So don't unless you want some shit looking pixelated desktop.

Instructions: Open the file through Firefox etc.. once is open, right click and set as desktop. That's it. ENJOY. Reminder, if change your desktop for any reason you need to apply it once again through your favorite browser.

This problem goes back years an am sure some of you are aware of this. Mind you I've only have tried this under Windows environment (e.g) 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 not sure if Mac OSX has the same algorithms or behaviors.

Thank you for your attention.

Here's the WiFi Hulk version. Enjoy.


Note: I may minor modifications to the hues. I think is much more vibrant.
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This is a really tight work!!! Vibrant & exciting! Marvelous:happybounce: 
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Thank you. Glad you liked it. xD
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This is really cool! I love the color and the effects are totally amazing! :iconbugplz:
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Oh, thank you. Thought you saw this one.
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Nice,i like green.
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Thank you. Enjoy.
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so great! thanks for sharing! (^____^)
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Love this! Love the bolts of electricity! Great work!
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Thank you. Glad you liked it.
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Enjoy. BTW I made some minor hue changes to the green. You may like this one instead.
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woo..nice work friend nice
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Thanks so much.
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even better than the first probably b/c green is my favorite color, great job!
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Didn't think the green would be that popular. Oh well. LOL. Thanks.
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I do see that you made it brighter on the 2 edges where the explosions are, probably the only thing that I don't like.
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Actually, sometimes when working with color effects or simply the blending tools within Photoshop makes every hue different. Sometimes it can become quite tricky and at times impossible. But I do agree.
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yea, it's always hard to achieve the same effect with each color, but you still did a great job
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