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Rekindling the Flames

I'm a bit hesitant to submit this because I know that once I do, I'll probably find one million things wrong with it :iconmingplz: Also because it's gonna be embarrassing to tell you guys what TG means to me because I'm not good at this sort of thing >C Oh well, here goes...

Torogakure means a lot of things to me. It is a place that I've been able to develop my skills as an artist. Even though sometimes, I feel like I haven't improved at all, I can look back at Saki's first app picture that I submitted over a year ago and see the progress I've made. And I know without Toro, I never would have improved so fast. Toro gives me the motivation to continue my art, as well as the inspiration. The inspiration doesn't just come from missions or unlockables, but also from all of the people I've met here. There are some amazing artists and storytellers that I look up to in this group and I am so grateful that Toro has introduced me to them. I feel like Torogakure is a family - every person who is a part of TG actually cares about each other - and I think it's something really special that we have here. This group is unlike any one that I've been a part of before, and I'm really really happy that this group is here and that I can be a part of it.

What Torogakure means to my characters, Koshi and Saki, is even tougher for me to explain. Honestly, I can say that it is their home. It's where their clans live, and where they've lived their entire lives. It is all they've ever known, yet it seems to be different everyday, with wars and politics and festivals going on all the time. It an be a challenge to live in such turbulent times, but every day brings a new experience for them to learn and grow from. I know the both of them are proud to call Toro their homes.

Anyways, yeah. This is my contest entry. I tried to combine a few of the events going on during the festival. The main one is Hideaki's story telling. Kaname, Kizashi, Ryuu and Koshi are all listening to him. Iatsu stole his sister's lantern, so Tora is chasing after him trying to get it back :'D Noato and Miki are releasing some lanterns together, and there's a bunch of lanterns in the sky already. Katsuo's munching on some dango by himself next to the goldfish game x'D And there's a crowd of people watching the firework show! :'D
I wrote names on the lanterns, since I had a headcanon that maybe some villagers would do it in remembrance of the Academy students that were killed in the recent attack. :<

Kaname (c) Jaz-Saxx 
Kizashi (c) cadefoster 
Miki (c) SuzakuTrip 
Naoto (c) Cav101 
Hideaki (c) HiddenLanternVillage 
Anzu (c) AquAlannis 
Koshi (c) SublimeSalt
Katsuo (c) Delta-Tex 
Tora (c) Mocchie 
Iatsu (c) leiluy 
Ryuunosuke (c) UncouthxTribulation 

Kaname's Texture:
Kizashi's Texture:
Miki's Texture:
Naoto's Texture: (As soon as I saw the fans, I knew I had to use it for Naoto! :D)
Anzu's Texture:…
Koshi's Texture;
Katsuo's Texture:
Tora's Texture:
Iatsu's Texture:
Ryuu's Texture was from Google ^^;

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leiluy's avatar
Gimme a second to stop myself from screaming ;v;
This is.. just too cute okay
My heart hurts looking at it for some reason
Iatsu's having his sister chase him.. what'd you do now Iatsu :iconyuicryplz:
I overly adore the outfit you drew Iatsu in and I'll have to draw him in it one day because gosh so perfect.
Thank you for the opportunity and including Iatsu!
SublimeSalt's avatar
;A; Thank you thank you. I'm really happy you like it ;v;
I really liked his outfit too xD His texture is one of my favorites

You're welcome :') Thanks for letting me include him :D
aeruii's avatar
Wow this looks so cute and vibrant, great job hun!
Koishi looks fab, and I adore the design you gave Tora! ;A; :heart:
SublimeSalt's avatar
Thank you <33
I'm glad you like Tora's outfit :'D :heart:
luluopp's avatar
This is such a cute and lively piece ;A; I love it. I really like Koshi's outfit too! Ryuu is also adorable x'D 
SublimeSalt's avatar
Thank you so much ;A; I had fun drawing Ryuu! <3
Ebberry-Jay's avatar
:iconcannotevenplz: nope how do you even improve so fast holy crap look at how pretty this is and the fire works and the lanterns :iconallmytearsplz: the lighting looks amazing and the glow from the lanterns and the sky and just hnnnnng it's all to much. I love the patterns you chose for everyone's outfits and the fans for naoto X'D Everything just suits everyone so well and Katsuo's outfit is really close to something me and James planned you mind reader also what you said about Toro was super cute and not lame >I

Long comment is long whoops :iconmingplz: just take me heart :heart:
SublimeSalt's avatar
I doooon't :iconpapcryplz:

All the patterns took so long to find :'D I wanted each one to fit the person well, but I don't know some of these characters too good yet ;v;

Pff, I just telepathically stole your design x'D oops

Thank you C: :heart:

I love long comments <333 :heart: :heart:
Ebberry-Jay's avatar
You doooo :iconblushu2plz:

Well they're worth it ;A; it's so pretty and as far as I'm aware they all suit them pretty well ;v;

No it's magic :'D

No problem :') :heart:

Aha so do I <3
Pozgroms's avatar
Way to be antisocial Katsuo :I  Just stuffing your face with food to numb the pain >'I

You got Katsuo's outfit uncannily close to what I was planning with Cav just today :'D  I give you massive kudos for your wizard powers on that xD

This whole piece is so colorful and alive, though :'D  I think you've really outdone yourself on this one!
SublimeSalt's avatar
That's what I would be doing at a festival :iconmingplz:

Really? :'D Great minds think alike, I guess x'DDD

Thank you so much ;A; It really means a lot :"D
Pozgroms's avatar
I'd probably be doing the same thing :iconshameplz:

Telepathy, man :I  It's the only way >I

Any time, bru ;v;
cadefoster's avatar
Everything is so vibrant and pretty!!!

Little Kizashi just listening... I love it all!!!
SublimeSalt's avatar
Yay! Thank you! :'D I happy it turned out that way :3
Jaz-Saxx's avatar
ohmygosh this looks great! and I love the design you did for Kana's outfit. QAQ
SublimeSalt's avatar
Thank you! ;u; <3
;A; I'm so glad you like it! :heart: I wasn't sure if you would :'D I didn't know if it suited him or not xD
Jaz-Saxx's avatar
XD it's bright, ruffley, and looks expensive. It's the perfect outfit for him. XD
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