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David and Goliath

the bigger ant must have just died.. a group of lil ants were carrying off the body

they only moved it about an inch every few minutes
but it eventually was taken back to their home :hungry:

it was very entertaining to watch

more of my bug's life shots :giggle:

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1341x1341px 864.33 KB
Shutter Speed
10/5000 second
Focal Length
55 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Aug 27, 2009, 2:05:54 PM
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That'll learn 'em.
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wow u have amazing shots
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thank you kindly!
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thank you kindly!
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One word : Wonderful *.*
Good photograph. Before I read the description, I didn't know that ant was dead. I just thought he was bent over looking for something.
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:) it was fun ta watch :)

thank ya
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You have a kick-ass camera. I love how crystal clear these tiny ants look. Awesome photo.
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i have just the standard nikon d60.. no special lenses or anything

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Fantastic! Great Idea!:-)
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:D the ants had the idea, lol

i just wathed em :D
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This is such a cool shot. :)

I remember I once watched a centipede fall into a redback's nest and then get eaten. Took most of an hour! :S
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Yeah. They're spiders. I think they're somehow related to black widows, but basically they're small, shiny and black with a red stripe down their back. Oh, and they're deadly. :)
We get them all the time in summer.
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sounds awesome!!!
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Yeah, they're pretty awesome - especially coz the angrier they get the redder their stripe becomes. They're also freaky, coz they've got fat bodies and spindly legs but they can still get around fast.
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:) i like lookin at spiders :)
got a few poisoness ones around here

[link] this cave was filled with daddy long legs.. the friendly, creepy spiders:D
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Spiders are fascinating creatures. :)
I was bitten by a wolfspider once (while I was trying to transport it to a more hospitable environment - i.e. Outside). Insects are so ungrateful. Since then my fascination has greatly diminished.
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DAMN! wolf spiders are hardcore.. we got em here :(

lol.. i kill stuff like that.. no need in saving it if its that close to me
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This is an absolutely amazing photo. :heart: Fantastic job!
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