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Love Lace for Chrome

It's hard to keep up with niivu these days!! 

Enjoy this simple and well-refined theme for google chrome.  Pairs perfectly with niivu's windows 10 theme lovelace. Check it out!

For installation:

Check out How to manually install chrome extensions

To manually pack an extension, navigate to chrome://extensions/, then select pack. Find lovelace theme folder. Drag generated .crx file into your browser. 

Add the text after target location "--disable-windows10-custom-titlebar" (without quotes) in a chrome shortcut's properties menu.

If you have any issues you may have to enable developer mode.
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Never mind, I was using the .crx that was in the file folder already, had to delete it and use the generated one. Thanks for the theme looks sweet

when I drag the .crx chrome refuses it saying "CRX_REQUIRED_PROOF_MISSING"

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how to instal that chrome theme i dont understand can you send me a tutorial video

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Lol, maybe I should start charging at this point....

how can i apply this theme

i did download the zip and extracted it

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Installation instructions are included in the description :)

yes i know but it didn't work and i confused

i know this is a late respond :)

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how can i remove this theme?

can this use on firefox?

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Sorry. Only chromium based browsers are supported at the moment.

Does this work with Chromium Edge?

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bro i added that text in the target location but unable to get those buttons .Please help me

Annotation 2020-08-01 122538

need to add a space infront of the --

Are your windows patched?

Woo, thus cool:D

How to fix this


yes i had the same problem

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Good news, Chrome users! Once again, there's a fix for the missing title bar starting with Google Chrome 76! Just as before, Right Click your taskbar Chrome shortcut (or any shortcut) > Right Click "Google Chrome" icon > Properties > after the "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" and in the "Target" field please add --disable-windows10-custom-titlebar to the end and hit Apply. Should look something like this: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --disable-windows10-custom-titlebar Remember to remove any theme you added to chrome in the meantime. Now you can enjoy your custom themes in Chrome once again! All my thanks goes to Xotek for providing the fix! 

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add a space before the two dashes

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