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Gruvy Start Orbs

Felt inspired to create some fresh start orbs for niivu's new windows 10 theme Gruvy. He did a wonderful job on this theme.

UPDATE: Added additional variations and new preview image

UPDATE2: Archive updated with more variations. The organization needs work, sorry ;)

Please show your support and pick this one up today! You can find it here…

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Wirklich ist dieses Programm eine kreative Arbeit. Vielen Dank für diese wunderbare Arbeit und ich wünsche Ihnen viel Erfolg für all Ihre Arbeit in der Zukunft.

Und nochmals vielen Dank.

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That is such an awesome work bro, i use a windows 10 20 update version x64 bit, would like to know is there any way I can change my start button to this as I really would like to have it changed, since using a 3 monitor setup would love to have it seen in my desk.

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Thank you sir! Check out startisback+, you can get a free trial for a month I believe. It's what I use. Not sure if it's compatible with the newest update but heck it's worth a try.

Great colorful look! I agree with the recommendation of startisback++. It is one of the easiest apps to customize the startMenu and Taskbar on Win10

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How can I change windows 10 start orb?
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I highly recommend picking up startisback from here

There are older programs that do the job as well, I'm just no longer aware of what's out there.

How exactly does one use start is back to make it look modern and not like windows 7?

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Well there are plenty of customizable options included by default. If those don't excite you I'd recommend downloading a custom windows 10 theme by someone like @niivu. He creates custom startisback styles for all his themes.

Ah, awesome, thanks dude.

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Thank you so much bro!
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Fantastic job.

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these are going to come in handy
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Nice update!  These are sweet. :D

hey, can you maybe add the theme for StartIsBack too? :)

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If I knew how to theme SIB I would already be working on one. Patiently waiting for niivu to get inspired ;)
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Thank you for this! Is it possible to make Gruvy original start orb without ''Start'' word? Thanks in advance!
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Hey mate, try not to share resources publicly for the theme until it becomes free.  Or at least ask permission first.
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