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Gruvy Chrome Theme v1.1

Today I'm releasing a theme for google chrome that compliments niivu's Windows 10 theme Gruvy

The section background shown in the preview is not included as i'm not the original author. Wish I still had the link. Compliments the theme nicely.

3 Styles Included

UPDATE#1: Included .crx file and fixed bug in manifest.json.

UPDATE#2: Added alternative dark version.

UPDATE#3: Added new gradient variation with Animated .gif preview

As always, please show your appreciation. We are lucky to have theme creators such as niivu in our community!
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This one is my favorite of all of your amazing Chrome themes. Works perfectly on Windows 11, thank you!

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Thanks, I love the colours grade

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Thankx ,

how to install it ?


Can I install this theme on a Yandex browser?


GruvyGrad doesnt work well with" --disable-windows10-custom-titlebar " tweak :(

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You are correct :/ I believe it may be due to utilizing images for the gradients vs standard RBG values for the frame. If I find a workaround I'll be sure to push a new update.
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To get GruvyGrad to work i had to go here and put the crx file gruvyGrad-1.0 and get source code, get zip and make new folder and unpack that one in extensions with developer mode on :).
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You can even bypass the cxextractor extension and just link the source folder and unpack within chrome://extensions

how do i use this?

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Check out How to manually install chrome extensions

Pretty simple. Drag .crx file to your browser. If you have any issues you may have to enable developer mode or manually pack the extension.
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Thanks for this - will come in handy. :clap:

I just realized that the theme doesnt work for me :(

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Did you drag the .crx file into your browser? It should ask you if you want to apply.

Yes and i have this message error "CRX_REQUIRED_PROOF_MISSING"

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Thanks i just realize that i didnt activated the developer mode ^^;

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Firefox Theme or Css,

Just a thought ;P

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Not a huge fan of Firefox theming capabilities but here ya go!

Gruvy for Firefox
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Awesome work dude :clap:
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I have located the background here:

From KDE Plasma Linux distribution? The original author is still unknown‚ so perhaps from the KDE team? Edit: so it would appear:

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Appreciate your sleuthing! Had no idea there were more of these. Might have to pickup the pack :D 
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