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I had the perfect trick to use
I knew just what to play.
If I could lay down one more card
I'd surely win the day.
I looked into your gleeful eyes.
and at your spiteful grin.
I saw you had two islands
and I knew I wouldn't win.
While we were walking I had found
a coin and made to grab it
but saw you had two islands
so I stopped and let you have it.
While we debated I thought up
the wittiest retort
but saw you had two islands
so my argument fell short.
I met a girl and knew she was
the one, without a doubt
but saw you had two islands
so I watched you ask her out.
But then while we were old and grey
and you were unawares
I saw you had no islands
so I pushed you down the stairs.
:iconsubjugatedsandwich:SubjugatedSandwich 2 4
Victim of Circumstance
The auto-teller chimes at you
and spits out several bills.
You glance around and see nearby
a man that gives you chills.
He's filthy and bedraggled, plus
you're certain that he smells.
He looks at you and smiles wide.
The fear inside you swells.
You snatch the cash and walk away
uneasy with his kind.
But after several hasty steps
you hear him close behind.
Your pulse increases with your pace.
You know the number - call it.
You feel a hand upon your shoulder.
"Hey! You left your wallet."
:iconsubjugatedsandwich:SubjugatedSandwich 4 5
I hear nocturnal naiads call.
An echo from a dream atoll.
The summer home of Hypnos I would guess.
They greet me as I lie.
:iconsubjugatedsandwich:SubjugatedSandwich 1 2
Run, Rabbit, Run
little rabbit.
Breathe Breathe
little rabbit.
'Cause another baby's comin'
and he's not the only one.
little rabbit.
Drink Drink
little rabbit.
'Cause you gotta get your fill
but then your mama's gotta run.
little rabbit.
Hide Hide
little rabbit.
'Cause the farmer is a comin'
and the farmer's got a gun.
little rabbit
Run Run
little rabbit
'Cause you gotta keep on runnin'
til your runnin' days are done.
:iconsubjugatedsandwich:SubjugatedSandwich 1 5
Joseph left the pawn shop
with his purchase safe in hand.
It seemed to him, so far
that everything had gone as planned.
He hurried toward the place
that he'd been told was where to go,
a seedy looking office
that was called Narrator Co.
He walked inside the building
and he checked in at reception
and so far none had realized
his devious deception.
He climbed the stairs until he found
the door that he'd been shown.
He kicked it in--
What in blazes!?
I'm recording a show you fool!
And just what do you intend to do with that?
I place the pistol on the table,
trembling hands
bereft of feeling,
reeling with relief.
My life is mine to live.
𝓙𝓸𝓼𝓮𝓹𝓱 𝓵𝓮𝓯𝓽 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓸𝓯𝓯𝓲𝓬𝓮
𝓶𝓸𝓼𝓽 𝓮𝓵𝓪𝓽𝓮𝓭 𝔀𝓲𝓽𝓱 𝓱
:iconsubjugatedsandwich:SubjugatedSandwich 1 7
Lost in Translation
Are you the sacrificial lamb?
I am.
And where are thoughts that aren't erased?
What tramples hearts in mighty herds?
My mind unfurls - the flight of birds
unraveling at fest'ring seams
the dim decay of distant dreams
I am misplaced words.
:iconsubjugatedsandwich:SubjugatedSandwich 1 6
A Giraffe Named Hannah
A zebra named Hannah
down in the savanna
lived a life most incredibly odd.
For you wouldn't believe a
South African zebra
held secrets behind her facade.
I'll tell you her secret
But you swear you must keep it!
And please try your best not to laugh.
This unfortunate creature's
distinguishing feature?
She thought that she was a giraffe.
Despite all her stripes,
her inadequate height,
and conspicuous absence of horns
this zebra professed
that she felt she possessed
all the standard giraffean norms.
To put weight to her claim
she tried playing their game,
an official giraffe-sponsored sport
where they'd toss around fruits
with their horns and their snoots
but poor Hannah, her neck was too short!
She ran away crying
with monkey-fruits flying
'til she found an acacia tree,
a tree which was home
to a very well known
Professor of Identity.
This studied professor
then tried to impress her
with knowledge of why she had come.
"You don't know who you are
and so you've run far
to seek help from th
:iconsubjugatedsandwich:SubjugatedSandwich 6 13
Mathematics of the Heart
You scoff, "What do numbers have to do
with love?" But don't one and one make two?
My heart is yours. Each day I love you more.
I laugh aloud. Fibonacci knew.
:iconsubjugatedsandwich:SubjugatedSandwich 4 9
I see the forest in my dreams
and waking, wonder what it means.
For it seems to me a song
slips through the branches of the trees,
a tasteful tune of yesterdays
wakes memories the more it plays.
The heart sways; for this I long.
:iconsubjugatedsandwich:SubjugatedSandwich 5 14
Going Down
You say to me,
"Ignore it."
You are sitting in an uncomfortable seat.
The man next to you is sleeping soundly.
There is a tremor.
Then a jolt.
Before you can register these warnings
the fuselage of the plane is torn
fragments hurtling
into the abyss.

The captain is speaking over the intercom.
His voice is a distant echo
lost in the cacophony
of empty seats.

You try to scream but you can't.
The pressure differential
has ripped the air
from your lungs.
You claw desperately at the sleeping man,
buttons flying from his shirt.
He yawns and mumbles,
"Ignore it."

:iconsubjugatedsandwich:SubjugatedSandwich 5 4
Behind the Cheshire Grin
You saw where crows had landed
near the wetlands of these eyes,
the furrowed fields around my lips
held seeds most civilized
but those were merely foldings
in a fabric, paper-thin
one tear away from freeing
what was lurking just within.
:iconsubjugatedsandwich:SubjugatedSandwich 6 11
Each Moment Feels Like An Ending
The second hand
straining across oceans
our fingers clasp
we drown in silence

The minute hand
washed ashore
volcanic islands
waiting to erupt
The hour hand
strangled words
:iconsubjugatedsandwich:SubjugatedSandwich 3 5
Don't put your trust in
porcelain pulverizers;
they mostly rend flesh.
:iconsubjugatedsandwich:SubjugatedSandwich 1 5
Mature content
Catch Me If You Can :iconsubjugatedsandwich:SubjugatedSandwich 5 7
Inverse Dichotomy
"Hey now! It's too dark in here!"
One fellow said to another
as they wriggled
and squiggled 
and jiggled in place
while they bounced all about in a clutter.
"The darkness ain't the issue, fool!
You take up too much space!"
So they tumbled
and bumbled
and jumbled around
while they blindly belabored their fates.
:iconsubjugatedsandwich:SubjugatedSandwich 1 6
Mature content
My Life is On Track :iconsubjugatedsandwich:SubjugatedSandwich 0 3


Literature Contest/Treasure Hunt/Undiscovered Gold
It’s the time of year: Spring. The time when lambs are born, and in some cultures the time for an egg hunt. So let’s have a competition!
We’re searching for the most constructive comments or critiques on written works (prose, drama, poetry...) by undiscovered writers. The best three finders and the commenters will win fabulous prizes.
The deadline is 17th May 2019.
Anyone can enter.
We’re looking for people who are not as engaged as they could be with the literature community here, to help bring them in, so...
The writer of the piece that received the comment should:
Have under 30,000 pageviewsHave fewer than 1,000 watchers
Have posted the piece within the past two yearsHave been active in the past two monthsHave responded to the comment.
The commenter should:
Not be a senior member, community volunteer, staff member, etc.
Have fewer than 1,000 watchers
Have posted the comment in the past two yearsHave been active in the past two mont
:iconbarefootliam:barefootliam 24 10
Lit Loves Vol. 20

The elemental self by Elendurwen

Son by Sehlley

locket by squibblyquill 

Tell Me by Tiger--eyes 

Musings in the Mirror by LadyLincoln 

Monarch by Nimbue 

Flight of Butterflies by
:iconyuukon:Yuukon 9 20
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 138

Music is Painting in the Air by KangTengri
Circle of Anxiety by paintausea
:iconyuukon:Yuukon 4 5
Why are my days spent doing the same things?
Always a pauper, ruled by cruel kings.
A slave to the system, desp'rate and broke.
Imagination: something they still choke.
I want more out of life, more than I have.
I want to live with a whole soul, not halves
One half has dreams, one just wants to survive.
I want to be living, not just alive!
I want to create, to inspire, to dream.
I want to make life more than it seems.
I want the sun to wake me, warm on my skin,
Not make me cry, “I'm doing it all again!”
But I am stuck, chained, and trapped by routine
Fighting to be not a pauper, but a queen.
:iconrippleinthepond:RippleInThePond 11 10
hand over fantasy (a blitz)
burn the toast
burn your hand
hand you my heart
hand me smiles
smiles for the starving
smiles for the pain
pain me so
pain me blind
blind are these feelings
blind from smoke
smoke in my eyes
smoke and fire
fire has forged me
fire lit my torch
torch for you
torch to this bridge
bridge standing aflame
bridge this if you can
can you
can anyone
anyone will tell me
anyone will see
see me silly
see you unaffected
unaffected by the burn
unaffected through the sting
sting me once
sting me twice
twice for this
twice a fool
fool I am and
fool you are
are we burning bread
are you aware
aware I watch
aware I sigh
sigh for lost loves
sigh for yours
yours will not be mine
yours is free
free from burnt remains
free but not content
content is far away
content would be sweet
sweet like marmalade
sweet like this fantasy
fantasy of us
fantasy without the flames
:iconmiserabel:miserabel 4 8
Fairytales (1/30)
If all fairy godparents
always visit the puny youngest,
if Cinderella always
gets the prince,
the youngest brother
gets the princess,
the riches, the gold,
the adveture, the wealth,
the soothing hands of magic
comfortably shielding their backs
what is the name of my fairy godparent?
Ah, yes,
Its name is
eternally chews on
friends´ phonelines,
shrugs alongside all secretaries
shrivels the wallet
and rips open the blindfolds
to prove that
there never was a magical charot
never a warm sister
or fireforged friends
only a rotten pumpkin
and rats with the vocal volume
of a wicked parent
yelling about
how your housework
hasn´t crushed your knuckles yet.
:iconoviedomedina:oviedomedina 3 2
NaPoWriMo 2019 10: Rose
Perhaps by now you’ve heard the tale retold
of how I traded freedom for a rose,
of how I gained in luxury and gold
to only lose what I desired the most:
A life without a beast that prowls the halls
demanding that we share in bed and board,
insisting that I tear down all his walls;
his fragile heart, it yearns to be explored.
I only want my own time to myself.
A castled world is nothing without peace
to read the books in my own modest shelf.
Instead, in fear, I seek for sweet release.
    Outside are fragrant gardens I may roam,
    but thorny thickets hinder me from home.
:iconilyilaice:ilyilaice 2 7
how to: creation
entire galaxy
on the tip of an
occupied tongue,
i have watched stars form
in the space
of your lungs.
quiet breaths
illuminate all rooms,
nebulae bloom
over laundry piles
and tombs;
we've died here
a thousand times,
cried out to heaven's gate
in a vacuum
of ecstatic rhyme.
and the blinds
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 25 13
My bones are my pens
My blood is their flowing ink
My life: a long tale
:iconrippleinthepond:RippleInThePond 20 15
of featherless birds.
is the art of
spilling my soul,
each word
a drop
of my blood
until i lay
exanguinated -
if i
were a bird
each line
would be
a feather
plucked from two
i lay
to fly,
a skeleton
of my past self,
with bones
hollow, the marrow
long gone
a breeze
lifts me
& i
inhale &
start again
:icontwelvedaysofjune:twelvedaysofjune 41 14
how to raise a broken kid
i was born in the eye of a raging hurricane
in the night where all the rivers
turned the water into tears---
there was pain and there was rain
and muffled whispers to my ears
from that day i recognize
the face and color
of my fears
let them claim me
let them drain me
till my last droplet of hope
let them crucify me hollow
through a kid's kaleidoscope
let them dress me with their sins
and their outdated type of skins
let them paint me with their colors
and pretend i didn't see
in the corner of the room
broken bones on broken bed
paint is dripping down the walls—
fading colors under red
i can't breathe and i can't hear
a single thought inside my head
without asking if it's mine if it's yours
or if it's theirs
close my eyes enough to see
a crumbled note on the bookshelf—
mom and dad will always love you
just don't ever be yourself
:iconmbonfire:mbonfire 84 30
Mature content
NaPoWriMo 2019 17: Marigold :iconilyilaice:ilyilaice 10 9
(gotta) s l o w d o w n
you make me want to prove myself
in a way that has me
throwing myself into a pack of wolves
daring them to tear me apart, while
doing a great job of that myself
(the things I can convince myself of
you wouldn't believe)
            I cannot have your lips
                        or your hands
                        or your stories
not all to myself, and it makes me
want to hunt down lips and hands and
stories with brutal cruelty; I never
collected trophies before, but suddenly
I want to mount strangers on my wall
(and I know;
this is the disappointment, this is
wanting to run away from what I feel
from these wounds I'm tired of licking
I can never run fast enough,
it's gonna catch up
soon, soon, soon)
never been a sprinter,
but right now I throw my legs out
:iconmiserabel:miserabel 7 2
NaPo 2019 Day 14

I don't know how to explain
these wild eyes or
the frog in my throat

the morning comes
to remove illusions from
my eyes, but I find that
getting out of bed is hard --
and my body feels like
a heavy weight; stuck.
synapses firing,
a hyped up aurora borealis

//fixing and reforming//

the urge to sink
comes in hot waves,
and she welcomed it
like it had always lived
under her skin. 
"insecurities are born hungry"
(I know).

:iconmedoriko:Medoriko 9 8
They Bleed Ink
Have you ever caught a shooting star,
Falling star? bullet from a gun.
(hard hitting, skin searing, screaming)
Ever seen an angel, with a torn heart
Broken heart, wings twisted, feather snapped,
They bleed ink
stars Shatter like glass clatters like veins scattered, strewn across galaxies
Oh! Help me
Its too loud too quiet too perfect too much
And I want
And I want
And I feel
Like I want
What do I want?
:iconxxflamefrost101xx:XxFlameFrost101xX 2 2


    We're gearing up for another exciting month of poetry in 2019. For those of you unfamiliar, NaPoWriMo stands for "National Poetry Writing Month" and your mission, should you choose to accept it, would be to write 30 poems in the month of April. That's one for each day. That's all you've got to do!

You've never written poetry? Now is a good time to jump in with both feet. 

Can't do 30? Do as many as you can! It's okay to not finish, just enjoy the challenge.

Don't have any ideas? Resources have been provided to pack your brain with ideas free of charge!

And you don't have to do this alone! We've got you covered over at :iconnapowrimo:.

I encourage anyone and everyone to join in this venture! And if the thrill of poetry isn't enough for you then perhaps I can entice you with prizes!

But of course we can't all be scrabblin' up prizes. Sometimes you've gotta dish those puppies out! If anybody is interested in donating (points, llamas, features, anything) to improve this experience then please take a peek over here: NaPo 2019 Donation Request + Admin Team. (Heck, just take a peek anyway.)


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I'm not the most active artist in the world but I'm always willing to help, critique (with what knowledge I possess), or just generally be a person to talk to. Don't be afraid to message me about anything!


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