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murky number seven crew in the borderlands

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Coral Eve as the commando, Brimstone Blitz as the Beserker (because he doesn't use guns), Glimmerlight as the Siren, and Murky Number Seven as A Number.
Didn't come out as well as I would have liked but I'll post it for the person who came up with the idea. The guy that came up with it is RagingGamer1000 on youtube. Doesn't have a DA so there's where I met him. Hope it turned out good enough ^^
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Borderlands! :D

(BTW nuke commando is super fun :3)
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I laughed more than was probably good for me at poor Murky.
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3 fandoms in one place... (Academy record?)
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I can't help but feel Murky is a little afraid of not being able to see inside that thing! Love Glimmer's cheeky grin here, man. Thanks! ^^
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Well thank you for such an awesome story ^^ And yeah, I don't think Murk would even understand anything on the HUD either xD