Three friends in the wasteland chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Locked in
“They left us for dead...”

Melody opened her eyes, her vision blurry. It took her a moment for her to be able to open them fully. There was a slight pain in her chest, causing her to moan and she tried to rise from where she was laying.

She lifted herself, holding her chest, trying to ease the aching. She looked around the room, but could hardly see anything. It was too dark and too quiet. Fear and confusion wrapped around her mind. Her eyes adjusted to the dim lighting enough for her to see she was in some sort of medical lab. A bit of nostalgia went through her, though unknown to her as to why.

She jumped off the hospital bed she was resting in and landed in something wet and sticky. Curious, she turned on her PipBuck light, wishing she hadn’t. She jumped back on the bed with a squeak of terror when she saw what she was stepping in was blood. She followed the trail of the red liquid and her gaze fell upon a young dead buck. It looked as if an animal tore out his throat and started eating him from the belly.

The pegasus mare almost threw up, but she didn’t have enough food in her so she had to suffice gagging for a few seconds. After her shock had settled down, she let out a sigh, and jumped down, avoiding the pool of blood.

Thanks to her light, she could see the room easier. It was indeed a medical lab alright, if a tornado went through it. Several tables were flipped, scattering whatever they had on them all over the ground, Melody was careful to avoid anything sharp on the floor. As she studied the room, hoping for an exit, she noticed more corpses of unfortunate ponies, each with as grizzly wounds as the last. One mare laid on her side, an expression of horror and pain painted on her face she she died. She was missing a foreleg and the remaining limb had been chewed to the bone.

Melody scowled until she found her stable suit hanging on a toppled IV stand. She smiled and retrieved it, sliding it on and poking her wings through it. Looking around some more, she found the exit much to her relief.

Outside of the room was an equally dark, boring hallway. Minus the mauled bodies and the toppled gear. It lead in two directions, leaving her to ponder which way to go. Her E.F.S activated with a notification: Find Ten’.

Ten’? Ten’ was in here? What about Sigma? Before she could question her PipBuck anymore, a low growl sounded to her left, causing her to freeze. The raspy sound stopped, but the pegasus kept on edge. Her E.F.S marker told her to go right, which she couldn’t object to. Quietly, she made her way down the hall, glancing back at where the growl came from before making her next turn.


By the time Sigma and Rapture reached the slave building, the wasteland had begun to darken as night approached. A group of slavers charged past the two, seeming like they needed to be somewhere quickly. Rapture halted one of them with a hoof.

“What’s going on?” He asked the startled slaver mare.

“Hospital!” She informed “Some of the creatures from the tunnels broke in from the basement. Over run the place in minutes” Sigma’s eyes widened in panic but the mare continued “We were ordered to help take it back.”

“But wasn’t a barricade built in the basement to prevent just that?” Rapture questioned.

“I guess they must have broken it down” The mare suggested.

Rapture mused for a moment before levitating out a revolver from a holster on his hind leg. “I’ll go. You take this worker to his quarters” Sigma couldn’t help but sneer at his choice of phrase. The unicorn buck gave the green earth-pony a sympathetic look before he raced off where the other slavers went off to.

The grey earth pony mare gave Sigma an unimpressed scowl upon seeing his suit. She muttered something about stable ponies and ordered him to follow her. Sigma hesitated but obeyed.

Ten’ woke up strapped to a bed. His headache reminded him of the struggle he made when the slavers tried to put him in the bed. His memory was hazy, no doubt due to his injuries, but he remembered a fight, hooves holding him down, and a blow to the head before the doctors were able to sedate him.

He grinned when he remembered knocking out one of the slavers trying to hold him down with a syringe filled with... something. Something seemed weird though. It was dark. Too dark. It didn’t sound like anyone was in the room with him. He strained his ears but his senses were met with silence.

Feeling confident enough to risk the possibility of being wrong and revieling his healthier condition, he started up a spell that lit up the area around him. He yelped when he saw one of the doctors dead beside him. Half of the dead buck’s body was missing, but fortunately, the ponies last act before death was to place the key to Ten’s freedom in one of the cuffs that strapped him to the bed.

Using his magic, Ten’ was able to twist the key until her heard a click and the cuff snapped open. The unicorn lifted his hoof and twisted the stiff joint. He proceeded to continue this process on each of his imprisoned limbs.

He hopped onto the ground, giving the dead doctor pony a silent thanks for his last acts and looked around the room for an idea of where he was, or anything he could use. A single armored slaver leaned against a wall between some cabinets. As Ten’ got a close look, he could see the slaver unicorn’s hind legs were gone, a trail of blood leading from him to an exit. Ten’ wasn’t sure if the slaver had dragged himself in the room, or something pulled the legs out.

He perked up when he noticed the assault rifle with several clips laying next to the dead stallion. Ten’ grabbed the weapons and began to carefully remove the dead pony’s armor. He reeling back in shock when the buck’s head rolled off at his touch. It looked like something gnawed on his neck until his head had been hanging on by a piece of skin.

Ten’ shuddered at the sight but continued to carefully remove the armor and placing it on himself. The armor fit him well but the bulky spiky look wasn’t his style. Still, the metal armor was better than no armor.

Ten’ placed the extra clips in punches along his waist and rested the rifle on his back. He spent a good fifteen minutes searching for supplies in the room, but for a hospital, there wasn’t many medical items. With all his searching, he had only found three healing potions and a roll of magical bandages. He’d hoped for more but he shrugged it off figuring he was lucky to get anything.

He walked out of the room fairly well off to escape from wherever he was. The hallway he walked out into was lined with rooms on one side. The room he came out of seemed to be on of me centermost rooms. He made his way left, glancing in each room, to make sure nothing would crawl out after him. Surprisingly, all he found was more destruction and bodies, but not what caused it.

Following several hallways, he eventually found a spot in the building where a majority of the wall, floor, and ceiling were gone. It looked like he was on the top floor, which meant he couldn’t just go through the wall. He could, however, get an idea of where he was. Being at least five stories up, he could see a great deal of the Manehatten suburbs below. Ponies moved about their business below in the darkness of night. It looked like a group of ponies settled at the foot of the building he was in. He looked ahead at the gap between him and the rest of the hallway. There was no way he could make the jump, but a hallway on the floor below was in reach and he needed to go down anyway.

He leapt down to the floor below with a loud clop of his hooves. A familiar growl echoed from a darkened room next to him. He knew what it was and tried to draw his weapon but the creature was too fast. With a loud shriek, the ghoul charged out of the darkness, slamming into Ten’ and knocking him off his hooves, landing dangerously close to the edge of the building. His head hung over the edge, letting him see the drop down. Vertigo set in him seeing what almost happened to him, but in seconds the ghoul of on top of him, trying to bite at his face. Ten’ lifted his foreleg to shield his head and the zombie pony bit onto his armored hoof.

Ten’ let out a scream and began punching the monster’s face in panic, trying to dislodge its grip. Ten’ could see blood dripping from his blows but the ghoul persisted with growls of hate and hunger.

Giving up his assault on its face, Ten’ kicked the skinny, rotten monster with his hind legs. The ghoul let out a yelp as it flipped off of him but it kept it’s grip. It tried to take Ten’ off the edge with it but Ten’ was able to roll himself on his belly and held himself on with three legs. His foreleg was exploding in pain, holding up the ghoul’s weight. Ten’s face contorted, keeping himself from plummeting to the ground far below. He was able to muster the strength to levitate his gun to the monster’s head. It just stared at him, pure malice in it’s murky grey eyes.

“I’ll meet you down there” Ten’ was able to say just before he fired a shot into the zombie’s head. The bullet impacted right in between its eyes, spraying Ten’s leg and part of his face in its blood, going limp and let go of Ten’s leg, falling down the building and landing in the group of ponies.

The unicorn fell back, panting heavily, trying to calm down after such an attack. He looked at the bite marks in his armor and facehoofed when he realized what a stupid one-liner he just made.


The last ghoul dropped under Ten’s fire. More ghoul ponies laid in pools of more than just their own blood, trying to go against the might of the unicorn. He’d made his way down two more levels, leaving a good dozen dead zombie ponies in his wake.

Unfortunately, this left him with his one more clip of ammo. He swapped the spent clip with his last one. Throughout his short journey, he could hear more gunfire echoing in the distance. It seemed reasonable that he wasn’t the only pony trying to fight his way out, but he wished he would have met up with another survivor by now. He really hoped his friends weren’t stuck in this.

His hopes were crushed when he heard a familiar voice cry out, followed by the shriek of a ghoul. Ten’s eyes widened and he rushed off to find Melody.

Melody’s ears perked at the sound of gunfire nearby. From what her PipBuck’s minimap told her, she hoped it was Ten’. She ran around the corner, excited to not be alone in this creepy place, assuming that it was safe. It wasn’t... She stopped dead in her tracks, a look of disgust and terror on her face. A single light shined down on the room that connected hallways. The ground was covered in blood and entrails, along with several unused medical beds.

The carnage came from a single pony in the center of the room. She was splayed open, almost hollow of her organs. The most horrifying part of the scene, however, was the pony laying next to the dead mare, chewing on a chunk of her it had ripped off.

The cannibal pony looked wrong though, almost like it wasn’t a pony. Melody shook, noticing it’s furless, rotting hide. She let out a loud scream and the creature looked back at her, scowling with shrunken, grey pupils. It’s teeth were yellow and sharp, and the top of its muzzle was missing, which didn’t help Mel’s view of it.

It jumped to its hooves and let out a raspy shriek, lunging for her. The pegasus was nimble enough to jump to the side, on top of a medical bed and on some intestines, which squished under her weight. She looked down in shock and suddenly became queasy again.

A hiss brought her attention back to the monster pony. She jumped down just as the creature lunged for her again. The ghoul clamped it’s jaw down on her tail, pulling it roughly, causing Mel to yelp in pain. She struggled against the beast but no matter how hard she tried to get away, it kept yanking her back to it.

Something tried to push itself into her mind, The darkness that took her over before was coming back again in her terror, but even during a time like this, she tried her best to hold back the evil inside her that haunted her her whole life.

“Melody!” Instead, her salvation came in a much brighter form. The pegasus hardly noticed Ten’ run into the room. Ten’ growled, seeing the ghoul gripping onto the terrified mare’s tail and launched two shots into its skull. The monster grip loosened as it yelped in pain and fell to the bed, dying.

Melody curled up on the ground, crying, still terrified from the experience. The grey pony rushed to her side, trying to comfort her.

Melody’s minimap claimed that the pair were close to the exit. Ten’ turned off his light spell, letting Mel’s PipBuck provide the light they needed, lest they want to shine like a beacon for all the ghouls to see.

Mel still hadn’t gotten over her first experience with a ghoul but she had calmed down enough to follow Ten’ to safety. And she felt much more comfortable with one of her friends with her. She hoped that Sigma was somewhere safe. Neither of the two had seen any sign of the green buck throughout the hospital. Ten’ was convinced they took him somewhere else.

Light shone from a doorway ahead. Ten’ was cautious on his approach but Melody perked up and ran for the door filled with hope and joy at the thought of an exit. Ten’ called out to the mare as she ran, panicking when he remembered... it was night. There wouldn’t be that much light shining from the exit!

Ten’ raced off behind her, but it was too late, she ran into the room and screamed. Ten’ came in behind her to see it was some sort of lobby, but it was lit up, and filled with ghouls! At least a dozen ghouls had massed at the entrance, the slavers held them back but hadn’t tried to get inside yet.

The zombies turned to the pair when Melody screamed. Ten’ stepped in front of her, blocking the ghouls path toward the pegasus. He readied his rifle, but the ghouls didn’t approach. Instead, a glowing green ghoul moved its... no, her way past the crowd. She seemed less animalistic compared to the rest of the ghouls, but her wicked grin and her tiny pupils suggested that she was every bit as insane as a feral.

“Haha!” She cackled and shook “My family has not killed you!” Ten’ stood his ground despite his rising fear. Mel tried to spectate from behind him, poking her head out from behind the buck. “I kill you!”

“Fuck...” Ten’ muttered while the glowing ghoul mare seemed to glow even more and let out an echoing scream. A pulse of green light bathed the room in radiation, according to Melody’s PipBuck’s geiger counter.

The rest of the ghouls cried out as they were powered up by the flash of radiation. The glowing one pointed her hoof towards the unicorn “Kill! Ki-” Her head exploded.

Green chunks of head were flung all across the room as her body dropped. The rest of the ghouls growled and hissed, looking toward the large doorway that was the entrance to the hospital. A grey unicorn with a short two toned yellow mane and a surprisingly clean suit aimed a revolver at where the glowing ghoul’s head once was. Behind him, a couple dozen heavily armored slaver waited for a signal to attack.

“I want those workers alive!” He told them firmly, glancing back over his shoulder at them and focused back on the threat ahead. “Ataaaack!” The violent ponies behind him cheered for blood and charged the ghouls.

The zombies hardly stood a chance. They bit and scraped at the horde of slavers but the metal armor helf well against any retaliation. It frightened Ten’ just how tough the slavers were, and he wondered if he could actually fight his way out of their custody like he’d planned.

Within moments of the gruesome assault, it was over. Corpses of only ghouls laid on the floor. The slavers had a clean victory, but they weren’t done yet. The suited stallion ordered the group off in different directions to wipe the building clean of ghouls. He kept a few of the slavers with him while he addressed Ten’ and Melody.

“Come with me” He told them. Not in the cold authority filled voice of a slaver, but in a sympathetic tone. He took a step close and Ten’ responded by pushing Mel back, and trying to get more distance between hi and the stallion. Ten’ kept his gun raised, he doubted he could fight even the few slavers in the room from what he just saw.

“Your green friend is waiting for you” he told them. Mel looked hopefully to her friend. Ten’ glanced back at her, sighing and lowering his weapon. It wasn’t like it had any more ammo anyway.


Sigma, looked out the window, worrying. He’d been worrying for hours. If his friends were stuck in that place and... and... He had to try not to think about it. He had to hope that they made it out fine. If they didn’t, Sigma doubted that he’d have the will to even try to escape Trotsberg.

He looked to the brown mare curled up on a dirty mattress beside him. She had been trying to comfort him the best she could, but now she was asleep and he had nothing to keep his mind drifting to the fate of his friends.

He turned away from the window, looking toward the ground, sniffling a bit. He felt his tears running down his cheeks. They had to have gotten out... but what of they hadn’t?

The sound of hoof steps approaching hardly drew his attention away from his thoughts. Rapture trotted to the bars of his cell. “Hello, Sigma” He greeted with a smile. Sigma looked to him with hopeful eyes and Ten’ and Mel followed after him.

Sig’s eyes widened and a wide smile grew on his face as Raptured opened the cell, letting the two in. Melody yelped as a blur of green tackled her to the ground and hugged her tightly.

“Nice to see you’re okay” Ten’ said with a smile. Sigma looked to the stallion and just as fast as he did with Melody, he tackled the now armorless Ten’ in a hug.

“I’m so happy you guys are okay!!!”

Level up!
Ten’- Scavenger: You tend to find tools and weapons that no one else can see, or would think of as useful.

Melody- Hurt Spirit: Whenever you are frenzied or below 20% of your health, your frieds gain a boost to their endurance.

Sigma- Guardian: You’ve never lost friends before, now that you thought you might have, you won’t let it happen. You get a damage boost of 3o% where your friends are in danger.
I might have to change the title. I'm gonna put :iconnomforcupcakes: OC, Wake, in the main group to. If it gets kinda bleh at the end, it's probably because I'm a slow typer and spent the past 8 hours typing this thing Dx Now I need to go into a coma for a while. Hope you like ^^
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For some reason I headcanon'd a creeper when that whole "HISSS" part came around...
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Creepers in FoE... I like this idea
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I like it a lot. c:
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Thanks ^^ Sorry I couldn't squeeze your OC in it but I have several instances later where she'd work out appearing
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Oh it's fine. I'm sure you were busy. Still I love it c:
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AWESOME! But to be honest.... I can expected some Other Mel....
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You were supposeed to be expecting Other Mel xD She'll come in in time
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I want to seeeeee heeeeer, but great job. Mel always seems to need rescuing, no matter what story.
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Thanks ^^ Huh, I guess she IS unlucky. But she's the perfect damsel, cute and sweet
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But being the damsel all the time must get so annoying.
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Bettwe then killing people, isn't it?
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True, but still pretty wimpy.
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I don't really kill people, you callin me wimpy?
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Very entertaining, you put a lot of action on it, who I really like! I need to check out the person in the description now...
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Thanks! ^^ Really happy you liked it! And that be my cousin in the desc, she's really cool
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She has a fun looking pony, did you day she might be added in the group?
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She WILL be added in the group. I've been planning on adding her right after I finished chapter 1. And she definatly will be a fun pony. She was the brown mare mentioned at the end of the chapter
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Sweet, I want to know more about here, not to sound weird though!
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xD What you wanna know?
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Basic stuff, I guess.
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Well she likes ponies and ice cream. Idk, I need spacifics man!
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