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OCs I like 1: Shady and Zapp

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There's probably going to be a lot of these. I like a lot of OCs :3 They won't all be FO:E OCs but most probably are going to be.

First is Shady who belongs to [link]
She is a young mare who travels with Xulis, Geschick, and Naphthalena across the Equestrian Wasteland. They four orphans endure more than children should, but, eh, it's the Wasteland.

The other, Zapp, belongs to [link]
She live in a farm, that's basically a fortress, where she repairs various items for just about anyone who can pay. She has a psycho cannibal pony as a guard dog named Tika, and knows a useful spell that can refill battery power. Her box of swag hides her cutie mark, and holds all the answers, apparently.
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I love it! I never thought people would like her enough to want to make fanart!

Thank you! Thank you so much!
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Thanks! :D I looked through your pics of her and after you told me about her, I really wanted to draw her. Hope I got the mane right, I had more trouble getting that right than I was supposed to.
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Pretty much, yup. It's like... a cross between Lyra and young Fluttershy. Sweeps sideways and has a little curl at the end. But from the angle you chose, it would look like that.

So, no complaints here. ^.^
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