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Equestria's Waning Room

And so we've come full circle and now it makes even less sense! I wonder who will join the moon crew next?

I made this in about 7 hours straight, I made the last one over the course of a week. That's 5 years of progress!
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What about Grogar? Or was he sent to the stars instead.

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Wait, why is Luna not in her Nightmare Moon form?

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Do you stop ? ;^;
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at least she wasn't alone
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Soon the moon will be overcrowded.
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do you mean waiting room or waning room
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Well I guess poor Luna is really confused right about now, ah well at least the Pillars, Luna, and the Citizens of the Crystal Empire can prevent each other from going insane from isolation.  
meiyeezhu's avatar
Wait, how come Starswirl didn't know about Nightmre Moon?!

P.S. Comic dub for you from Scribbler…
RedeemerofDark's avatar
That doesn't explain why they didn't age but luna did...
Envirotech's avatar
Oh lulz! :D  the look on MistMane's face.. hehe and Meadowbrook has her mask, I thought that was still back in Equestria??  XD    giggles..    and the Crystal Empre!! bwahahah XD
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I think Equestrian may just not have numbers over 1000.
FrustratedInExcelsis's avatar
"So... now what? Do we... do we just go back to fighting?"

"I... I think we're just supposed to wait until... until they call us back down, I suppose."



"I don't suppose anypony brought some cards?"
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At least they weren't lonely while up there
TalonofWater's avatar
Is the moon like pony purgatory or something?
madbadger42's avatar
They should jackets made!
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Luckilly this is non cannon. Funny though.
meiyeezhu's avatar
Wait, then how come Luna didn't know about the Pony of Shadows and the legends being real?
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Well you could always toss in G1 Grogar and Tambelon. They got the same deal as Sombra and the Crystal empire, albeit in half the time.
suethehedghog29's avatar
I think the limbo is the human world cuz well, the sirens
adamlhumphreys's avatar
:XD: That's probably where Applejack's Parents are hanging out. If the pillars can come back, they're probably next. :iconrarityknowsplz: Though I guess they could have been turned to stone waiting to be reanimated. ^^
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