Happy Friendship Day!
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like most artists, i am--and i've always been--a very reclusive person. never had too many friends or people to talk to...UNTIL I JOINED dA!

in less than a year-and-half, i have more friends than i ever had in my entire life! that may make me seem like a 'typical internet nerd living a virtual life', but that's not the case. i'm not a very internet-savvy guy. dA is the only internet community i'm a part of (my facebook account is always in hibernation: it exists simply because it's a 'must-have').

MOST artists are solitary creatures. meeting people with a similar passion for art (among other things) is like discovering that i'm not really the 'abnormal, anti-social weirdo' that people around me think i am. there are people out there like me. shy people. people who don't mix well with 'regular' society. people who are different because they 'feel too strongly'.

that's what friendship is all about: the feeling that 'i am not alone'; that there are 'strangers' out there who care about me as much i care about them. it doesn't matter whether they live a few miles away, or on the other side of the world. they know me better than the people i've physically met, my next-door neighbours, and even my relatives.

as someone rightly said: "Friends are the family we choose for ourselves."

so this is for all of you out there: my heartfelt gratitude and love for being my friends.

:heart: THANK YOU! :heart:

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Thx so very much Shubby for including my photo in this fine collection of art :thumbsup:
Forgive my late response...I was away on Holiday :ahoy:
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Thank You so much for the Feature and the friendship!
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cloudmilkHobbyist Traditional Artist
We started on dA more or less at the same time. You've gone a long way since. Glad for that. Keep on shouting when you feel like, and always a pleasure to see your alias and comment around. See you Bro ! :wave:
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Mari-JStudent Traditional Artist
thankyou for being an amazing friend :D:D & thankyou for the amazing features
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Oh thanx ..... you r so kind :D
Tigles1Artistry's avatar
Thank you soooo much my dearest....:love:
my-pixel-garden's avatar
my-pixel-gardenHobbyist Photographer
love to see you care.
lots of love:hug:
wolfridersfla's avatar
thank you very much!
very honored :)
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berninikkrProfessional Traditional Artist
^ -^
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Startle3ivHobbyist Photographer
Thank you for including me in this post. The pictures you selected go just perfect with what you expressed. Cheers!
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Bee-MinorHobbyist Traditional Artist
What a beautiful thing to do! Thank you so much for the feature, not only is your artwork incredibly inspiring but you have such a big heart!
Cheers :aww:
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happy friendship day n thanks for featuring my work
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j0rosaProfessional Traditional Artist
Aww, you're very kind, thank you for the feature :love:
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ladyjartHobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow..Thank you my good friend for the feature and for being my friend..Thanks so much again..
many blessing to you..Lady j..:)
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MayumiOgiharaProfessional Traditional Artist
Aww, so nice of you to include my drawing in this beautiful feature! Thank you so much Sabhankar! :heart:
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wandaluvstacosHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for the feature. :) I don't like Facebook because people don't take the time to discuss, be articulate, and think about things like they do here on DeviantArt. Plus the point of being on the internet is to meet new people, not just keep in touch with people you already know. :)
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jennieannieHobbyist Traditional Artist
That's one of the sweetest, most heartfelt entries I have ever read. It's great to know you and your art! :tighthug: Thanks for everything, including this! I feel honored to be included. :)
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lightrainbowProfessional Traditional Artist
Subhankar, it's an honour to be your friend. You're very kind and attentive person, I appreciate it a lot. Thank you!:hug:
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Perfectly said my friend.
I totally understand but I have found this is really not enough.
I myself am a very alone person that is finding
I need people other than just friends here.
Human contact is a part of our make up. Maybe I am alone in my thinking. :shrug:
Thank you for thinking of me in your beautiful feature. :hug:
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I'm a bit different in that in real life I have quite a few friends-- however, in my 3 years on deviantart, I've made friends who I'm closer to, friends tha I can tell anything, friends that I trust more.
I'm so honored to be your friend, subi, even though we haven't talked or been so for a long time, I know that you're such a sweet, caring person and I can't wait to see more of your work and talk to you more!

thanks for featuring me and I hope you have a wonderful Friendship Day. Thank you for including me in your "family" <3
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philippeLHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is very descriptive of my own situation, Subhankar :nod: We are sooooo alike!!! Thank you so much for featuring my work, dear friend, and have a very nice Friendship Day :wave: :iconfireworkplz:
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Aw! Thanks so much. Half of my friends are on the internet and I'm damn proud of that fact! Your work is great, and I'm so glad you're an active part of the community! xx <3
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i'm glad to be a part of your 'family' dear:):tighthug:
Mariska1974's avatar
Aw, sweet! :wave:
You have a beautiful new article! :boogie: and thank you so much for including my work, very kind of you! :tighthug:

Good Sunday! :cuddle:
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