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Baby Birds by subgeek Baby Birds :iconsubgeek:subgeek 0 1
Sweet Love
Sweet love is all I need
To make me smile
If only for a little while
To make me stronger
And weak no longer
To make me open up my eyes
And soon realize
That sweet love is all I need
:iconsubgeek:subgeek 1 1
Gary Coleman in Charcoal by subgeek Gary Coleman in Charcoal :iconsubgeek:subgeek 0 3 Yummy by subgeek Yummy :iconsubgeek:subgeek 0 8 McGod by subgeek McGod :iconsubgeek:subgeek 1 6
Another day passes
Another day passes
still it hasn't sunk in
I can't even imagine
Where do I begin
How do I continue
to live as I do
and wake up every morning
to never see you
closing my eyes
the whole world disappears
along with the pain,
the emptiness, the fears
still the sun shines bright
but not as bright as before
and when another day passes
I shall miss you even more
:iconsubgeek:subgeek 0 4
the little things
it's the little things
moments I don't expect
smiles i'll never forget
oh, the way you smelled
drawing me closer
softness of your skin
touching my soul
my heart resting in your palm
never letting go
hold me as fall
forgetting the time of day
here we are now
living out our life
thought i lost it all
haven't lost a thing
nothing to lose
everything to gain
never letting go
always loving you
you are my reason
my reason to breathe
to open my eyes
look at myself
and what i have become
who I will be
and what I will do
falling more in love with you
by the hour
by the minute
by the second
oh, the way you smelled
it's the little things
:iconsubgeek:subgeek 0 4
Old Plow by subgeek Old Plow :iconsubgeek:subgeek 0 5 Stairway to Hell by subgeek Stairway to Hell :iconsubgeek:subgeek 0 9
Slipped Away
I slipped, fell, and broke my soul
Heaven shine down on me
I stole, cheated, and lied to you
I was blind and didn't see
I was nothing but a pain in the ass
For reasons I can't explain
And now it hurts to think of you
I'm driving myself insane
How could I have been so ignorant
To let you slip away
I never meant all the things I said
Until this very day
How can I ask for forgiveness
When I can't forgive myself
Now all I can do is stare
At your face upon my shelf
Tears roll down my face
Memories run through my mind
I finally found... Me
Now it's you I cannot find
:iconsubgeek:subgeek 0 5
Haiku Collage
subgeek / Haiku
Eyes upon the ledge
Fearful and not discerning
I jump into life
Passing By
Walking down the street
Tears roll down a faceless man
As you pass him by
Hiding amongst the crowd
Eyes upon the pavement floor
There you see yourself
Running with scissors
Without any thought or cares
I trip on myself
Help me I'm falling
Looking back at what I've lost
I see you standing
Too loud
Singing without sound
The music is heard within
Turn the volume down
The brightness kills me
Someone please turn the lights off
I hate being blind
I'm invisible
I'm stanging in front of you
Oh, you can't see me
Pencil and paper
Dad, here's a picture of you
I'm sorry it's blank
My paint and canvas
Mom, here's a picture of you
It's a Picasso
:iconsubgeek:subgeek 0 2
I want
I want to get inside of you
Not just in your pants, but in the mind of you
To caress your thoughts with the words of my hand
To lay your sweet glistening body on the hot wet sand
I want to taste inside of you
Not just between your thighs, but behind your lips too
To lick your juice with the tip of my tongue
To make you realize I've only begun
:iconsubgeek:subgeek 0 4
Orangalicious by subgeek Orangalicious :iconsubgeek:subgeek 0 5 geek v2 BLUE by subgeek geek v2 BLUE :iconsubgeek:subgeek 11 52 geek v2 by subgeek geek v2 :iconsubgeek:subgeek 1 17 geek v1 by subgeek geek v1 :iconsubgeek:subgeek 2 26



Some idiot messages me on AIM and asks where he can find my winamp skins. I tell him they're not anywhere. I haven't had them for a good while. He then informs me that he found them. So I ask where so I can download them and reupload them here. That's when it gets fucking stupid. He then tells me some bullshit then blocks me without giving me the URL. I log in as my other AIM account and add him to my list to see that he's still online. So I message him again. He ignores me then leaves. Why would he lie about finding the skins? Fucking stupid, just fucking stupid. I hate idiots.
The log...
Session Start (AIM - LazyShawn:mawky marq): Sun Mar 09 13:37:22 2003
mawky marq: hey, where can I find the geek winamp skins?
*** Auto-response sent to mawky marq: Playing The Sims, bbs, I love Rachel!! :)
mawky marq: devart doesnt have them anymore
LazyShawn: You can't
mawky marq: why not
LazyShawn: They're not anywhere
mawky marq: nevermind, i just found them
LazyShawn: Where?
mawky marq: just a random site i found in a sarch engine
mawky marq: search engine
LazyShawn: What's the URL?
mawky marq: why
LazyShawn: So I can download it
LazyShawn: And re-upload it to Devart
mawky marq: you made them
mawky marq: why dont you have them
LazyShawn: I know I did
LazyShawn: They're 2 years old
LazyShawn: So what's the URL?
LazyShawn: I know you didn't find them
*** Error while sending IM: This user is currently not logged on
Session Start (AIM - subgeek:mawky marq): Sun Mar 09 13:43:29 2003
subGEEK: Why did you lie about finding the skins?
*** mawky marq signed off at Sun Mar 09 13:45:03 2003.


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Hello random deviant :D
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Have you ever had a dream, that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream? How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world?

What you know you can't explain, but you feel it. You've felt it your entire deviant life, that there's something wrong with the story. You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad.

You take the blue pill, the story ends. Your browser closes and you believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland. And, I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

I offer only the truth, nothing more.

Take: The Red Pill
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Do not try and bend the spoon ...
crusadist01 Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2003
Hey thanks for the comment. The pubic hair is alright as long as no one reports it as a potential policy violation. I have a moderator that Dev watches me, and he lets me know right away about some of my stuff.

Anyway, thanks again for looking.

sajsemegaloma Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2002
... getting an answer probbably
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and the point of hating battys would be ... :o (Eek)
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so you have your girlfriend come preach to me and my friends about maturity?

real mature.
what. do you think that you are the one dandelion that does not die?
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