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SubSquare Font

Heey! Good start for this is my first source created, and yes! her work has even seemed to think is very simple! is very fun to create a source that tests their knowledge of several. All this was set up starting at square one, thought it was when watching sponge Bob! haha, good use of it is free!

Illustrator and FontLab

( the next will be better! hehe :D )

( >> comments and critique will be welcome << )
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Cool, and with Cyrillic support is like?
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thnks!! sorry! don't have support! :(
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LOL you have great idea!
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hehe! thanks :D
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Muito bom cara!!1 Parabéns! Tá instalada já!
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Ah... ela tá com alguns probleminhas de kerning cara... Se tu pudesse arrumar...Sei que é difícil... mas fica ai a dica ^^
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:wow: Ficou bem legal, o W me lembra o símbolo dos Autobots :la:.
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:D! hahaha, verdade! lembra mesmo!
ta ai uma font para o transforme 3! ehsuaHUEAHUEhauea

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Hahaha, manda um e-mail pro Michael Bay (imagine que tenha uma coolface aqui hahah)
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boa! :D
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nice font :clap: but where is "K" ;)
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thanks! hahahaha! i hate K! :P
I actually forgot! :D
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Nice dude, I'm into square fonts too ;)
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I love the fact that you displayed all the letters in qwerty form, that is awesome! :heart: :XD:
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Thanks a lot! *-*
:heart: :hug:
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nice font man..
i have made a set close like this one name BALOK its mean square :) but not good as your :)..that starting at square shape :D
i think the hard part is to make the letter "U,V and maybe the G"

just asking..
when you use FontLab is that you Copy paste it from illustrator to FontLab?
cuz i use CorelDraw and FontCreator..when i use that i have to do much step to bring it to font creator before it become a font..
thanks man..good font anyway..

sory for my english..
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WOOOOW! that cool! game? with my source? this is very good!
Is how I see the art? :D

On the letters U, V and G were the same, because I try to make the idea
all of them in a square base, they were sort of like
other letters, type O and G, i left the tip of the square G, the more I
which is very difficult to see that. The idea of the font is that it be fantasy, and manipulated to try get the art you want! hehehe

About the layout of the program, you can use the illustrator and font lab, which works, more so if you want to use the font lab, it's to draw in even
style vector, which is quite good, I think using corel or other vector program
should not change much, unless it is not compatible, most recommend
you use the illustrator he has finished a lot nicer than the corel.

Thanks a lot! :D :D
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Is this font free to use in commercial designs or will i need to purchase it? also are there more symbols such as !"£$%^&*() included in a commercial pack?
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That's great, not this font is free, so you can find her at
You can use it in any kind of personal or commercial project! :)
It was my first source, you will find some error in spacing, nothing
hard to get! :D
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ahh i see okay, thanks, i've noticed the slight spacing error but to be honest, i know it's probably just my opinion but i think the nonuniformed spacing adds character to it :XD:
i'll reference you in the artists comments section for images i post here.

Thanks very much for the font :)
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hehehehe! thnks a lot! :D
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