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Miku : Bad_Sector wallpaper


Hi Everyone!!

This is wallpaper "Bad_Sector"    1920x1080   Free Download 

My second  design Tshirt in

Check it out!!  
Mens :…
Woman :…

About Hatsune Miku and Vocaloid  Plaese visit

If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to let me know. I'm not good at english but I'll read and 
reply :)

If you like it please Like and Share to your friend.!! Thanks!! :D

I AM YOUR MELODY  wallpaper by subaru01rins
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© 2014 - 2021 subaru01rins
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Came here from the amazing Wallpaper Engine wallpaper! I absolutely LOVE this!! It's such a dynamic design!

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i really like your style!

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Beautiful wallpaper I also got a face mask with that logo as well. Great job and stay safe. 🙂🌈🎨🌸
Ooh, I like it. Is there a non-JPG version? JPG format tends to make crisp artwork like this blurry...
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I'm sorry , you can download only this image because original file is copyright by

anyway Thanks for interest my Artwork.
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HOLY SMOKES This is beautiful! La la la la 
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I absolutely love your art! It's amazing! 
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correction: awesome art! love it!
Hello, I cant seem to figure out how to download this image in the correct size. I would love to use it as a Desktop Wallpaper @ 1920 x 1080 resolution, but the image on this site is not that size. Also, 960 x 544 pixels for Vita if you could. Your work is awesome. I have been looking for a more "Mature" looking Miku image for quite some time. Also, I bought the shirt and love it! :D
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you can press "download" button on the right from image. if you want 1920x1080 :)

Thanks for interest my design. I will keep drawing Miku fanart if i have time. :D
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Hello...I'm writing to you today to see if I can have permission to use your Miku 'Bad_Sector' design to make a Beanie (hat)...not retail...just for myself...I want a Miku hat...but only find ones for sale are not very cool or manly...but feel that 'Bad_Sector' could be both. I found person that makes hats said can do it but need permission.
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I can't spread the original file to public because it's copyright but i think you can download wallpaper to do whatever you want.:) 

Thanks for interest my art and sorry for late reply.
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that is fine...and thank you for replying...will try to share picture of it when I receive it...=)
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Love it already. *adds to favorites*
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Awesome, this is going to be my new wp.
Thanks for share it with us!!
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Ah man really love this style, would you mind if i made my own personal wallpaper in a similar style (black bg and coloured outline)?
subaru01rins's avatar
Sure! I don’t mind. if you like this style just do it.:)

Sorry for reply late.:D
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OH MY GOD!! YES!! YES!! Such splendid work!!
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thanks i just needed a new background :D
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