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league of legends wallpaper

made for season 3!i remember that day in world championship,i saw many players are buying my work was really cool

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I have this drawing on a poster in my room ♥️

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Hey, my name ist Frock, and I'm developing a game.
I'm searching a Person, that could make me concept art for characters and Leveldesign. You're style of drawing would be Perfect for this.
I hope that it's not bad that i dont have money at the moment for this, but as soon as the game gets online you get credit as all the others, that helped with the game.
You can take those sketches in your Portfolio too. I dont understand those Messages here in Deviantart, so i give you my email address
My Email:
I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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.....somebody afk
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Epic design and poses as well :D
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I like how everyone look so badass...and than there is Teemo :D
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so much .. badass....
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Way wicked cool group shot!
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i just can imagine nocturne say.. Darkness~
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Fantastic man! How long did it took you for this one?
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Fricking amazing.
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Really beautiful work. Nice work on all the coloring and the action.:)
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Dang these are awesome!
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