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LOL wallpaper

This is an old work for Riotgames finished in Apr2011~

Property of Riot Games Entertainment,

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© 2012 - 2022 su-ke
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Tremendous effort, sir! :D
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Good memories from season 1,2 and 3 :(
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How in the world did you learn to draw like that !!?? O-O
xotz's avatar
Impressive !
ArtbroSean's avatar
That's amazing. Great work!
Venusvirgintomarz's avatar
Hey there Su-Ke,

As you may have heard before your Art is off da hook yawwwwl !  Just love the way you create worlds within worlds,,,we must talk.

Also a huge fan of Mandel Werk & certain others in the community of Deviant.
I'm wanting to ask you if we can collaborate on a few art pieces, where i am going to be shot with a
fabulous Fashion Photographer , and the thematic is futurism and......a glimpse for the future, i would like to incorporate you art with mine, as your art would be the appropriate backdrop for the Galaxy Goddess.....Mizz Venus Virgin Tomarz who will be the realistic character in various poses where the artist can add their magic ( ie.....fighting against a dragon, and cyborg etccccccc.  So the idea is to blend 3D digital art with realistic still high end fashion photo stills and to come up with an amazing result piece we both can be proud of a a collaboration.

I would also like to assist in the promotion of our artist talents as part of my new almost built website (currently in progress)
with links to you if required and full name creditation just as my team will that are working with me to get my series of conceptual shoots executed. I'm setting the direction , but i am very excited on sharing the direction with you as a mixed medium.

The question will be what is real and what is surreal ? that is my art to create !


Venus Virgin Tomarz (facebook its my real name toooooo)
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I have too say, i am not a lol fan, but this is just amazing !
Good job !
ArdhiansyahYP's avatar
amazing! katarina <3
profutur1971's avatar
Belle image ! Bon travail ! Félicitations !
merkachi's avatar
wait... so you made this... holy shit ive seen this so much.. amazing artwork!
XhoutEzreal's avatar
MY Life For Ezreal ! lol !
Shamary190's avatar
wait did you actually paint that?!?!?!?!?! if so i envy you so bad.... its good envy tougth.

please vote for my mask…
WetmyPlants's avatar
No, just said it was property of Riot's.
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I can't believe I haven't seen your work before today. Stunning!
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I'm not a LOL player, but i admired this artwork because of its detailed designs and its color is amazing.
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