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SU - Pink Diamond's Zoo 1 by WickedGhoul
SU - How Bismuth met Rose 1 by WickedGhoul
SU - Crossing the Line 1 by WickedGhoul
rosegreg comic - pag 1-2 by meLessia
Comic Strips
Jasper was Murdered by kingofthedededes73
A Word, Pink Diamond? by Zanny-Garrett
PAINT me like one of your French Pearls! PAINT me! by PilloTheStar
Multipart Comics
Fuse with me Pt.2  by FruityMoon
Fuse with me Pt.1 by FruityMoon
Tourmaline Chapter 1, Part 1 by Euphreana
Tourmaline Chapter 1, Part 2 by Euphreana
Human Gems
POP A SQUAT YOUNG LADY by weirdlyprecious
Reality TV by RiRiSqueak
I'm NOT JEALOUS of a TOOTHPICK! by weirdlyprecious
Gemsona Comics
The Jersey Gems page three by TheSphinxDen
The Jersey Gems page four by TheSphinxDen
Citrine Comic Pg 13 by GeckoGeek
Citrine Comic Pg 14 by GeckoGeek
Shipping Comics
Meeting Again at the Lighthouse by Austadophilus
School yard tussle by TaintedTruffle
Mustache by TaintedTruffle
[SU] Contrast by toramisha
Tumblr Askblogs
ask arashi and the crystal gems 16 by shawnventura
ask arashi and the crystal gems 15 by shawnventura
ask arashi and the crystal gems 13 by shawnventura
ask arashi and the crystal gems 12 by shawnventura
Crossover Comics
Character vs. Inspiration: Rhodon by ErinPtah
dark homeworld stories. ray of light by gameboyred
First word 5 by UnicaGem
Prick by FableSpeaker
Team Building
Team Building Epilogue, page 16b by Weiila
Team Building Epilogue, page 16a by Weiila
Team Building Epilogue, page 58 by Weiila
Team Building Epilogue, page 57 by Weiila
Of Lies and Gems by Gender-Ninja
SHATTERED - PROLOGUE - 25 by Fligsper
SHATTERED - PROLOGUE - 24 by Fligsper
SHATTERED - PROLOGUE - 23 by Fligsper
The Rebel Gem
championx91 Steven Universe Name by Championx91
Return of Jasper
Operation:RESCUE 05 by Silent0620
Flowers and Gems
Flowers and Gems Page9 by UmbraFoxPaws
Steven Alternate Universe
Steven Alternate Universe Chapter 3 Page 7 by KAHN101

Welcome to...

...the Unofficial Steven Universe Comics Club!

Membership is automatically approved, so feel free to join! Please be sure to read our submission rules and folder guide before submitting anything to the group.

Submission Rules

You need to join in order to submit anything to the group. All content in this group should be rated PG-13/13+ at maximum.

We Do Not Accept
1. Content containing anything explicit or inappropriate ships.
2. Submissions containing stolen artwork.
3. Comics containing screenshots from the show (Though exceptions will be made on on a case-by case basis)
4. Comics with illegible lettering.
5. Journals.

You may submit
1. Digital or Traditionally made Comics
2. Comics featuring Steven Universe OCs or Gemsonas
3. Alternate universe comics (though you need to make it clear that is an AU)
4. Shipping Comics
5. Screenshots from your Tumblr Ask Blog
6. Submissions in languages other than English. (Please note that these may take longer to approve)

If you have any questions regarding the submission rules, please send a note to the group or comment on the front page.
Hey guys. Since I am the only admin in the group and I barely have time to manage it anymore, I've decided to start recruiting new admins to help me out. 

If you are interested, send a note to the group or myself stating:
If your application is accepted, your duties will include reading through submissions and accepting or declining them depending on whether they comply with the group's rules. 
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Can I join in?
BlackFurya Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2020
Pearl | Steven Universe by BlackFurya  
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BlackFurya Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2020
Thank you!
gameboyred Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2017  Hobbyist Interface Designer
if there is only one person to admit pictures in this groub and the person is super busy.
why dont we get few other persons to admit stuff?
one just cant do everything alone
Eclo Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2017
That's a good idea actually, I'll post a journal soon.
gameboyred Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2017  Hobbyist Interface Designer
jessicathecrazycat Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Hay umm, don't wanna bother you guys but... I did submitted two comic drawings (use to be three but you have accepted one) and it has be awhile now. I know you already accepted one of my comic so that one doesn't count. 

I'm not angry, but I just wanna to know if you guys have seen it. Or that you probably forgot about it or something. •3•
Eclo Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2017
Sorry about that! I'm the only admin in the group and I'm very busy these days! I read through every comic to make sure they're appropriate for group, so it take time for me to get through them all.
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