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I was eight years old when I brought you home
Seemed like forever that I’d been alone
You were barely a month old when we first met
I was so excited to have my very own pet
This day came far too soon, even for a cat
But you had a good life, no one can argue with that
I woke up today with a heavy feeling in my heart
God told me that it was time we should part
She didn’t fight when I showed her the carrier
The ride was silent, I couldn’t imagine anything scarier
When we walked in the room, she asked if I was ready
I said no, but go on, my palms were all sweaty
The doctor took her time, making sure to be gentle
My Angel drifted away, I was surprised at how peaceful.
She passed in my arms, amidst silent goodbyes
I didn’t know what to do, as the light left her eyes
So I closed them, like she had just fallen asleep
I said ‘bye bye, baby girl’ and started to weep.
Everything was over in a matter of minutes
Her life may be over but I could still feel her spi
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A heart can only take so much of a  beating before it stops
Its two greatest weaknesses are cute girls and blood clots
There's this rumor that love helps it get stronger
But a lack of it can leave a person lonely and somber
Those four little chambers can take you so many places
Walking or running, who cares, just keep the blood flowing
It can lift you up, or bring you back down
That quick thuh-thump is such a nice sound
A little hint of doubt is strong enough to break it
Just like finding out the fact that she's taken
One simple "yes" can make it race like a horse
A heartfelt confession can be met with such force
Take good care of it, you've only got one
Dying before living is never any fun
When it gets old enough, it too unfortunately will die
Gives one last short sputter, gives up, and flat-lines
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Chasing Trains
I don't know you anymore
Not sure if I ever did
Memories keep fading away
Now there's nothing left to miss
I never did anything wrong
Suffered silently every day
Nice guys finish last
'story of my life in a way
You can never keep up
No matter how hard you try
That train never slows down
You'll chase it 'til you die
I can't do this anymore
It's just a game of uncertainty
Running around after lie upon lie
I've had enough, it's not worth my time
So keep on running, I won't stop you
Why should I even bother?
If I can't trust you, I'm out
I've given you a million chances
And you'll never get another
You can never keep up
No matter how hard you try
That train never slows down
You'll chase it 'til you die
I'm not saying I deserve better than you
But I deserve better than this
I'm not saying I deserve better than you
But I deserve better than this
I'm not saying I deserve better than you
But I deserve better than ....
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Green Thumb
Sometimes, just sometimes I'd wish you'd open up to me
You're like a flower, that doesn't quite trust the sun yet
I feel like I'm not welcome even though you greet me with a smile
It hurts to think that you'll never bloom for all the world to see
Your thorns point inwards, unlike all the other roses
They dig deeper and deeper but no one can tell
It builds character the more you suffer silently
I can see that you've had enough of this endless torment
All the other bees and insects were never good enough
They boasted of honey and endless pleasures
Every one of them, lying just to have their way with you
You stayed strong, waiting for the right one to come along
Don't give up, I beg of you, you're too special to let it all go
If water would help you keep going, it's all I'd ever give
Think of how far you've come, the change is immense
I want you go keep growing, at whatever the costs, I'll never let you die
The gardeners notice when their children flourish among their siblings
To protect
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Flashes of Life
I stand here silently in this hospital room
A prayer in my heart and a sense of impending doom
This kid's still alive and so is the grenade
Gotta get it out before history is made
All I see are blood, guts, and soldier's cries
Holding my breath while my life flashes before my eyes
If there's anything I want, it's to make it through
Then I'll get to come home in time to see you
The earliest memory I have was when I was three
It was a Sunday afternoon just my grandmom and me
She held me in her arms, as she sang me to sleep
Kissed me on the forehead, without making a peep
Not even a week later, I was nearly snuffed out
Almost drowned before I was four, but someone pulled me out
Our neighbor hurdled the fence, without thinking saved my life
No one should ever have to go through that twice
I remember when the most important thing in the world,
Was finding the t-rex first, watching the clouds swirl
Never had to worry about bills or debt
We had no clue about last wills or death
Life was so si
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Long walk home by Styxfan4etrnt Long walk home :iconstyxfan4etrnt:Styxfan4etrnt 0 0
Game Over
I'm leaving this place for a while, no clue if I'm coming back
I just can't take it anymore, everything keeps going out of whack.
Days go by yet I'm still stuck in that moment
At this point, I doubt you've even cared to take notice
I always thought I'd die before I'd ever get to say this
Whatever was there before has gone up and vanished
Take this for what it's worth...I love you, but its time to let go
I held on for too long, my fingers are broken and you don't even know
I'm so sick and tired of this stupid ass game
I keep waiting for change but it always stays the same
I've run out of coins to refill this empty meter
All of this for a pointless game of follow the leader
What the hell happened, its like we never even met
Why is it so difficult to just forgive and forget?
I feel like it's my fault and Im not sure why
You say it's all in my head, but that seems like a lie
That's it, I'm through, I'm over it now
I'm washing my hands and throwing in the towel
Turns out the princess really
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My heart
There's this dull ache in the center of my chest
It's probably nothing but it scares me to death
Sometimes I feel like theres nothing there
Just a worn out soul, gasping for air
It seems like the days only keep getting shorter
I've lost my ability to keep everything in order
Why do I miss it? Not like it was ever there before
I'd lose my head if it wasn't... Oh wait, it's right here on the floor
You always ask why? When did it start?
I could tell you, but it would only break your heart.
It kills me that we've grown so far apart.
I can only live so long without my heart.
You have no idea, how bad it's become
Been using loaded dice the whole time, yet I'm still stuck on square one.
Are a few words so much to ask for? Even in passing?
Months ago I thought this would have been everlasting
Drifting further away, like debris left floating out to sea
It could have been an amazing fairy tale, but just ended up a bitter tragedy.
My story remains the same, except this time it's only the characte
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I'll Meet You Halfway
Been here for what seems like a lifetime
I get out in six months, can't step out of line
Nothing else matters, it's all I can think about
Can't believe I'm this close to finally getting out
All that's left is one phone call
The number's right here, written on the wall
They probably won't answer me, haven't for a while
Both of them probably think that I'm still in denial
My wife, I miss her, along with my son
I wonder if they'll take me back when all this is done?
I ruined their lives, there's nothing left to spare
Because of me, my boy's broken beyond repair
It's cold outside, almost forty below
How much time do I have left to go?
The waiting is killing me, driving me insane
How much could life on the outside have changed?
Unanswered letters that were never even opened
Too many things about me that were clearly left unspoken
I hope that you'll finally get to know me someday
And try to forgive me, somehow...someway
I'll be waiting, whenever you let me back into your heart
All I
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Alone Works Both Ways
(Work in progress.... maybe)
He exhales and looks back on two years past
Always the nice guy, but still ended up last
All that time wasted, almost drove him insane
Left with a broken heart, and only himself to blame
I still remember standing with her there
Even the jasmine perfume in her hair
I knew it was our last embrace but didn't know why
Couldn't look her in the face when we said goodbye
The time that you spent, may seem like a waste
When it comes to these things, you mustn't make haste
Brush yourself off, and give it another go
Another one will come along in a few years or so
Whats left to say when its already been said
There's nothing more to add off the top of my head
Don't blame yourself, you're not the victim here
Give it a few years, and it'll eventually become clear
Just take this to heart, but don't let it get to you
Just wipe the slate clean, and start something new
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Second Star To The Right by Styxfan4etrnt Second Star To The Right :iconstyxfan4etrnt:Styxfan4etrnt 0 0 Not Yet by Styxfan4etrnt Not Yet :iconstyxfan4etrnt:Styxfan4etrnt 0 0 Stay Together For The Kids by Styxfan4etrnt Stay Together For The Kids :iconstyxfan4etrnt:Styxfan4etrnt 2 3
People wonder why he's so quiet
They think it's by choice
Why bother trying to talk?
When you don't even have a voice…
Days go by, cooped up in this room
That's putting it nicely… because it's more like a tomb
It's like Alcatraz, here in my head
Some days I feel alive, but most I feel dead
The cynic inside me can bring out the worst
It won't be the last time and it's definitely not the first
At times, the haze seems impossible to break through
Once the fog clears, all I can see is you.
I don't know what I need, nor where to start
At times I still have trouble finding my heart
It just not where it used to be…
The one thing that's best in me
All I've ever known was how to look for lost hope
Sad thing is, that its the only way I've been able to cope
Heartbreaks and letdowns here left and right
What the hell's going to get me through the night.
People always tell me that I'm so strong
I just don't see how I lasted this long
Anyone else would have ended it years ago
But someh
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Helping Hand
Something's wrong, things just aren't the same
All the fun's been taken out of this game
I can see it when I look in your eyes
He's killing my favorite part of you inside
It's so hard to love someone you hate
I just hope you figure it out before it's too late
So here it is, that dip in the road
Seems impossible to carry this load
All it takes is a few words, that's all
And I'll be there to pick you up if you fall
It may seem weird at first, but don't be afraid
I don't care if any debts go unpaid
Its obvious you know, but never ask why
I still couldn't tell you even if you tried
It's probably better this way, at least for the moment
At this point, its better if things just stay dormant
I'm not going anywhere, not giving up yet
Just need some time to clear out my head
The way you move, the way you breathe
How you wear your heart on your sleeve
You can't fool me, not even with that smile
I know you haven't been happy for a while
Right now, it seems like your head's all up in the clouds
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Waiting by Styxfan4etrnt Waiting :iconstyxfan4etrnt:Styxfan4etrnt 0 0


Strange lil Valentines by Natesquatch Strange lil Valentines :iconnatesquatch:Natesquatch 412 35 Young Frankenstein by Natesquatch Young Frankenstein :iconnatesquatch:Natesquatch 170 27
Doctor Rice
Doctor Rice
He was no Dr. Frankenstein, but Elroy Rice liked to at least pretend that his experiments would be at least half as successful. His laboratory would never fit into a Hollywood movie--not even as the grimiest horror set--but that wasn’t to say that he hadn’t seen any progress. To be honest, the room was a mess. There were no neat tables; no sterile rooms. Instead, extension cords and surge protectors lay across the floor to trip the unwary and plastic bins served as tables for half a dozen scavenged computers that whirred away just a couple of degrees below overheating. Dissected laptops, radios, and even an out-of-place car engine were scattered across a metal folding table by the near wall, and books of all sorts and sizes were stacked along with discs and old VHS tapes along another wall.
An old TV with a VHS player on top of it sat in a corner, and an old, stained sleeping bag beside a filthy mini fridge served as a kitchen and a bedroom in o
:iconanimallova244:animallova244 2 3
Kaleidoscope by xoxLPxox Kaleidoscope :iconxoxlpxox:xoxLPxox 1 2 Winner of Pix digital imaging contest by michellemonique Winner of Pix digital imaging contest :iconmichellemonique:michellemonique 290 135 Fallen by michellemonique Fallen :iconmichellemonique:michellemonique 2,978 252 Grim Evening by michellemonique Grim Evening :iconmichellemonique:michellemonique 4,116 389 Final Hour by michellemonique Final Hour :iconmichellemonique:michellemonique 6,866 812 Kiss of Death by michellemonique Kiss of Death :iconmichellemonique:michellemonique 15,602 1,355 Thomas Matthew Delonge. by s0fus-snk Thomas Matthew Delonge. :icons0fus-snk:s0fus-snk 23 30 Dancing with Death by michellemonique Dancing with Death :iconmichellemonique:michellemonique 8,819 878 Hate Me by Blue October by FireduSoleil Hate Me by Blue October :iconfiredusoleil:FireduSoleil 113 25 Love Life by Zindy Love Life :iconzindy:Zindy 1,896 103
Trapped Within Me
Singing along to music when no one’s there
And getting cold chills when I think of the people who would stare
Absolutely in love with a melodic country tune
All about this girl falling for someone way too soon
It is shame that my self esteem is so low
I have a harmonious voice that I can never show
On the outside I speak in a painfully quiet tone
My voice may never be known
I feel as if I’m living a lie
No one on Earth even knows why
I don’t answer the phone when no one’s around
Because I’m too busy unleashing that tuneful sound
I feel so ashamed
It’s like my soul has been tamed
Dreaming of me, a poet, becoming a star
Singing my heart out while strumming on a brand new guitar
I’m nothing but a small town teen with a crazy and far fetched dream
I guess I’m just like a star that will never gleam
I need a miracle, and for someone to see
The beautiful voice that’s trapped within me
Trapped within me, a tone gone silent
All because of the people
:iconaidrahadori:AidraHadori 1 1
Mature content
It's Worth Living :iconaidrahadori:AidraHadori 1 1




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