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Reflections Vol. III

Yet a new volume of Reflections dock icons in Light and Dark versions.

I've tried to include all the requests I have received plus some other apps I'm using and/or have heard of.

Thanks to all the people who is using these icons!!

Previous releases: Vol. I and Vol. II

If you want the .icns or .ico versions of these, download the updated Reflections SRI or Reflections SRI for Windows
© 2007 - 2021 styrizo
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hmm.. is there different icons in each vol.? or vol. III have all from previous vol.?

i like ur icons =)
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You can get the full collection here: [link]

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thx, really love this set...
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Thank you! Hope you enjoy using them ;)
this is dope. can you tell me what font you used, so i can make the popup text the same?
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Font is Myriad Pro (payware)
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are there these icons without refelections?

some dock skin with refection is not suitable,tks!
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sorry, no icons without reflection... it would not make sense calling them Reflections, haha.

Anyway, you can download the template I released and make the icons of your choice without reflection
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tks all the same
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Cool :love: but not contains few Software
Please add
Windows Live Messenger
Windows Live Mail
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i love this icons but i need two more, can you say me the font or can you make icons for dreamweaver and adobe flash... thank you n_n
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checkout volume IV or the entire Reflections Dock collection... I'm almost sure the icons you request are somewhere there ;)

In any case, you can find a photoshop template for making your own icons in my gallery

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thanks, when i wrote this comment i saw the template (doh!), I make the icons but with an similar font.

Thanks for the reply n_n
Styrizo could you perhaps do a Spotify icon in reflection? It would be so great[link]
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Simple and just pretty...
I'm switching over to Rocket Dock from Object Dock (redoing my computer and need a fresh start) and your icons will make a lovely addition to my new minimalistic desktop. :D
Thank you for doing excellent work!
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thanks for sharing man, peace :horns: :)
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Fantastic work you've done there... congrats
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sorry, but what are you talking about?
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the best dock icons i've ever seen tkanks bro...
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Thank you very much :D
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It's my life style
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