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Reflections Vol. I

With a minimilastic touch, a total of 30 text icons for your dock in 128x128 .png format

Two versions for use with dark and light backgrounds

Hope you like it

UPDATE: Vol. II can be reached here [link] and Vol. III here [link]
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Very clean... it's PERFECT. Exactly what I needed, Thank You
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what dock did you use with this?
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I guess you are asking for an application to use these with... You can try ObjectDock or RocketDock
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thank you! These are wonderful~
can you tell me how can i make my own
icons like you with text?
my english istn so well ^^
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Perfectly clean and stylish, i love this artwork.
Found this thru Adium Xtras.. gave you a 4star - 5 if there'd be some kind of status visualization (away/idle/etc), although i admit that wouldn't be easy to accomplish without ruining the style.

Good work!
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Thanks! Don't know if you already had a look at these: [link]
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Thanks for the link, and sorry for bothering - it was already there, i just didn't search for it (long enough).
These are awesome. Thank you very much.
So beautiful and simple. I love these!
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Awesome work! This was exactly what I was looking for! :D :+fav:
Nevermind I got it. I never saw the icon folder in the first place.
Good icons BTW :D
Then which dock should I use? Or do I not even need a dock?
Since these are dock icons, I moved the folder to my RocketDock skins folder but when I selected it, it only changed it to the regular thing.
Is there a certain dock program I should use, or move the files to another folder?
Any help is appreciated.
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I have barely used RocketDock, but as far as I remember, you need to specify which icon you want to use with each application. Hope this helps...
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well, what can i say... PSD will be so much appreciated... but of course we can understand that you wanna keep it...

So still thank you for all these good icons~
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Absolutely amazing.
Using these at the moment!
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Thanks for all your :+fav:'s
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