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Reflections Master

This is the template for you to create your own Reflections icons. It is a Photoshop CS3 file.

The font I used is Myriad Pro which is a payware font. I think that you can find some free similar fonts around the web, but you will have to search for them ;-)

Together with this file you will find a pack of actions for automating the creation of your icons.

Fisrt action "Guardar" is for saving your file as a .png. It will also create a mask for the icon.

Second action "invert" is what I used to create the white versions (I always start with the black ones).

You can use this template to create as many icons as you wish, but only for your personal use. It is not allowed to use for commercial purposes.

Publishing or distributing the icons you create with this template requires permission from me. My answers are usually positive on this regard but I like to see the work befero it is released.

Finally, if you really liked the Reflections collection, please respect its Golden Rule:

A maximum of four letters, always in Capitals.

Thank you and enjoy!!

© 2007 - 2021 styrizo
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thanks for sharing these!
Blessings to you.
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thanks for the template
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did you screenshot the little window to make it because I want to make my own...?
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Love it!! Thanks so much!
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thanks for the are rock :D
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Thx for share your great work!! :)
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Really nice. And not difficult to make.
Hey, do you think you could make a white STEM and MPLE? i need them for steam and maplestory :laughing:
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Hey man, love your work and thanks for sharing! Only issue is I can't use the actions in CS4, which is a shame since I'm trying to make white icons...

Any suggestions? Perhaps you could update it, or is there another way?
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Thanks for your comment! To change your icons to the white version simply "invert" the image... it's on the "image/adjustments" menu.

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Thanks for sharing!
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You're welcome :)
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Thank you so much 8D
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Thanks!, very usefull ^^
tnx a lot men u rock :P
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eek! the atn file does not work with cs4? :(
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done in cs3... if I ever get cs4 I'll remake it
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Thank you very much! Best wishes, God bless! :heart: :+fav:
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Thanks for your comment and :+fav:
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i dont know how to set this up
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