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Reflections DOCK

This is the last release in the Reflections series (at least in the short term, haha) and it includes all the dock icons published in the Reflections Vol. I, II, III and IV, plus a lot of new icons from requests I have received.

You can get the template for creating your own Reflections dock icons HERE.

Thak you very much to all the people who has downloaded and fav'ed the first four volumes. And thanks to all the people who downloads and favs this new release :)
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Perfect for me, Thanks!:)

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Wooo another great simple icons :)
If it's hard to click the icon, add (with Photoshop) a layer, under the text, filled of black 1% opacity.
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I love this icon set looks really classy and simple :D Only one problem.... No Chrome... Opera, FF, and Safari are bundled... yet not Chrome, why? Other then that I love it
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Thanks for your comment! Development of the Reflections icons was ended quite a long time ago. In any case I released a psd template for those of you who want to create their own Reflections icons. You can find it here: [link]

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Oh also forgot one other thing. Counterstrike and Css included, but not steam? again love it, but would like to see these added in maybe sometime
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Just what I'm looking for! However, I would like to use them as desktop icons, not dock icons and I think they would need to be in .ico format for Windows 7. Is there a way? Thanks!
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Check out this: [link]

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Thank you so much! Loving the icons.
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Good Icons =]
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What font do you used?
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Myriad Pro (payware)
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thx for templates
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Fantastic icons. I have used them in an Android theme [link] and credited you. Keep up the good work
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These icons are fantastic. Used them for an Android Theme here [link]
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Stumbled on your icons and love it. beautiful. Just what i was looking for.

I'm using a snow leopard. just wondering if these are for macs. I downloaded them and they didnt work. Or did i do it wrong. I used candy bar.

hope to hear from you soon.

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Hi, thanks for your comment.

Those are PNGs, you need to download Reflections SRI [link]

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i found it ive been looking for this .. i'll take this and leave a thankyou and a have a nice day
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Glad you found it... Thanks for your comment!
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