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manga girl hair reference sheet II - 20130113

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I felt like I rushed yesterdays drawings a bit, so I wanted to spend a bit more time practicing manga hair. I put the result together in this reference sheet, which of course you can use to look at if you want ideas for haircuts for your own characters :)

Edit: Thanks so much to everyone who has viewed and fav:ed this! It's really motivating :)

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Feel free to check out my latest sheet: 
Manga girl hair reference III by StyrbjornAndersson
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Two of those remind me of The Seven Deadly Sins.Squee Diane

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Very useful for those who need practice.
This can set young artists off in their career and will be a wonderful add to their gallery.
I personally love the shape of the head and the curve of the hair.
Putting such a gorgeous piece of work out like this for others to reference is a BIG favour to those. We should be very grateful of this piece, as this could start a career. Beautiful art. I do also have to add that your other pieces like this for references are brilliant. And I am very glad this can be used by others.
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I been drawing manga for 1 year and 8 month in a professional way and you are way better than me at this ...I just notice how much I have to learn ...thank you
The shortest haircut looks realy boy-like but well thats good too some girls realy look good that way but I see some problems with the volume of the hair

This haircuts realy give stile to the caracters and the draw its realy good ...but if you do something less realistic I think you will improve and it will give it more impact and originality
off that it realy an example to me keep working ...and thanks for sharing this
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so you "draw manga for 1 year and 8 month" and cant compete with some simple drawings of hairstyle? and you still make a living of manga drawing? because thats what "professional" means you know - unbelievable
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ArMan2MangakaProfessional Artist
hahaha I cant belive it too ...but comic in my countrie is so bad that even I can publish a manga I can only publish 4 pages for month and I hate the topic of the magazine ...but I have to live you know ...thats why I enter in deviantart becouse here are a lote of people way better then me and I want to get better
and another thing for me the storie its more important than the draw and Im realy good making stories
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Really nice job <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":D" title=":D (Big Grin)"/>
I don't really have to say much about it lol
maybe just a little more shading or whatever, like where are darker parts and where the highlights are.
I also like that the faces are always turned to somewhere else in stead of alwyas looking in the sam direction.
I think youre doing great job in drawing hair, way better than me xD
its really good that you use small locks in stead of thick ones because I think these look very weir but its thin and really nice here <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":D" title=":D (Big Grin)"/>
Keep up the good work!
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sephiriarelikProfessional Digital Artist
I love the hair that's in the top left corner (the first example, I figure). Absolutely lovely examples!
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This is really helpful 
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PinkieLoHobbyist Digital Artist
May I trace over the hair style?
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StyrbjornAnderssonStudent General Artist

Feel free to do so. :)
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I've been using your hair reference for alot of my oc's (Sorry about forgetting to fave it)… (Let me know if I forgot to credit you on any of them)
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AmosSperitusFidesHobbyist General Artist
Awesome. I really need to work on practicing hair, definitely need improvement. This will help for sure. So much detail with so few lines, I love it.
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Would you mind if I alerted this for humor and posted it on my social media sites? I'd completely give credit and a link to here.
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ubinkoProfessional Photographer
Nice work
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Jwreck18Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you!!!
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Kittymon13Hobbyist General Artist
I like it! Most people I've met (besides my sister) are HORRIBLE AT DRAWING HAIR STYLES! Including me! So keep up the good work!
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DarkNoodlesOfSouthHobbyist General Artist
just amazing a great reference
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DogBoy1975Hobbyist General Artist
Is one of the hardest things for me to get right.
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Thebosspotato2015Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I like it I'm trying to get more hairstyles into my drawings because mine are either a little copied off of somthing else (don't worry I don't take the hair as mine if I post) or pretty basic so I'm here browsing trying to get ideas and this helped so thanks!
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wluca6Student Artist
nice job I have motivation now!!
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