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Angular Mandrill by l-Zoopy-l
Tora by toedeledoki
Hummingbirds at the Sunflower by Himmis
Mecha Lionfish by JesmondCat
Stylized Challenge- Beetles
Soulmate by Himmis
Le Chat qui Lit by MademoiselleOrtie
Garden by freeminds
Baby Lion by KellerAC
A lion with a bird on his head by XnBook
[C] Mexican wolf by norapotwora
Wolf Rider by MademoiselleOrtie
Japanese wolf pack (Kuroi  Okmi) by Moro-No-Mori
Ahamkara by Maquenda
Palm oil by XnBook
Lemur by craniodsgn
Ring-tailed Lemur by Hoeflakes
Lemur Family 2 by LittleVulpine
Horses and Other Ungulates
Mammoth by Phoeline
Forest Elemental by AngelaRizza
Glory to the Undying by Kelgrid
Deer Patronus by ThreeLeaves
Rodents and Lagomorphs
Night Watch by UllaThynell
squirrel. by Lonacc
Domino the dumbo rat by kiki-doodle
Happy Easter 2015 by jflaxman
Just a bird. by jennystokes
GEESE. by EuqinimodArt
Ravens by Kelshray
tree nest by greenpengua
Amphibians and Reptiles
zen by rz250
Rainbow Chameleon by Mellymiew
Day 12. Network by Lusidus
Global warming? by jennystokes
Insects, Bugs, and Arachnids
Scorpio by UllaThynell
CritterJam: Coconut Crab by AmandaMyers
Snail Themed Memory Game by karpfinchen
Mantis and Bees by The-Nunnally
Other Animals
Binturong, the Bear-Cat by Yullapa
Aquatic Animals
Fresh water fish and plants 2 by pikaole
Mythological Animals
Solstice comes for all of us by Kelgrid
2020 year of the mouse by blackBanshee80
Fox bounce by Chiakiro
More Than One Animal
Concile by MademoiselleOrtie
Happy Valentine 2018 by Sarosna85

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July and August Challenge:


Beetles by Bedupolker

For July and August we’re changing gears. Insects don’t get enough love and it’s time to do something about it! Beetles, which make up the order Coleoptera, are the largest group of animals with over 400,000 species identified. They live in almost every environment and fill many rolls in the ecosystem and human culture.

While not the most dramatic creatures, beetles vary in size, color, pattern, and shape. Use this to your advantage when creating your piece. As an extra challenge, consider how the beetle/s you depict impact the environment or human culture.

Bugs by KattyC AT OL : White beetle by ATArts treat bugs nicely by parrotte Melanocoryphus Albomaculatus by teamoth


1. Please create work specifically for the challenge, and do not submit works done before the date of the challenge.

2. Please include that your piece is for the challenge in the description.

Deadline: August 1st


Last challenge theme: Songbirds

We had some beautiful pieces from this last challenge! Please vote for the piece you think should be featured from this challenge with the corresponding number in a comment below.

1. Mississippi Mockingbird by AmandaMyers
2. Honeycreeper Rainforest by Leonca
3. Bearded Reedlings couple by Yullapa
4. Rotkehlchen by Mellymiew
5. The Robins in Spring by Dead-Raccoons
6. Chaffinch song by Yullapa

Apologies for those that have submitted art to this group but have found the submission has expired without being accepted or denied. Submissions require a number of votes, but admin participation has been low and is not likely to increase in the foreseeable future. This group could use some fresh blood. If anyone is interested in getting more involved, please send a private message with some background and explaination.

In the meantime, I’ll try to select art appropriate for the group. Members can also suggest pieces from their Favorites to the group, which I encourage everyone to do. Afterall, the vitality of this group depends on member involvement.
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What you need to know

:star: ABOUT :star:
A group focused on artworks created based on stylization, simplified or exaggerated forms with an animal thematic.

:star: Rules :star:

:bulletblue: There is no limit for deviations submitted yet, as the group is still growing. Feel free to upload as much you want for now.

:bulletblue: We look for a certain level of quality on the submissions so not every work may be accepted. Don’t feel bad if your works don’t get approved right away. One of the purposes of keeping the group somewhat restricted is to inspire people to improve their artwork.

:bulletblue:Our approval system is based on votes coming from the staff, which were individually selected based on their knowledge on the subject.

:bulletblue:The works uploaded here do not necessarily need to be full of details or have backgrounds, but it does need to have some sort of effort put into them –mainly on the design, stylization, shapes and such . It must be a finished piece however.

:bulletblue: Your submission will be judged based on originality, drawing, appeal and etc.

:bulletblue: We normally don't accept Fanart.

:bulletblue:Copied and stolen work will obviously not be accepted.

:bulletblue:Submissions MUST go to the appropriate folder, so pay ATTENTION to those. We may re-locate it to you, but if you pick a moderator that is not feeling like doing so, it may also be rejected.

:bulletblue:Submissions must not contain explicit content, such as pornography.

:bulletblue: Anyone can join the group, even if you do not create stylized work that often.

:bulletblue:Try to submit only your best works. We discourage generic designs, as we’re looking to build a rich gallery.












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Oh, I see, you put it in anthros. 
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Admin participation I've been told, is kinda low currently, so in absence of enough votes some submissions are expiring. Maybe you can link your piece in your reply and I can submit it if I feel like it fits or at least get it looked at by the admins? :)
Mellodee Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2019   Digital Artist
Thank you for the request :heart:
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