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SHORT STORY. (A day in the life of One Direction)
"Ahahahaha! Guys, Stahahahahap!"
Louis walked into the living room to see an amusing scene. Zayn and Niall had Harry pinned down, tickling the daylights out of him, while Harry laughed and squirmed. "Stop Guys, he looks like he's dying." Louis chuckled. Zayn and Niall reluctantly released him, while Harry sat up panting and giggling slightly.
"You guys are the worst." Harry said glaring at the two. The two lads chuckled. "Didn't know you were so ticklish Haz." Louis said with a smirk. "Don't act like you aren't." Harry spat at him. "I'm not!" Louis lied. "He's lying guys, look at his face." Zayn said with a smirk. "Shall we test it?" Niall asked. The 3 boys grinned, while Louis paled.
Before even thinking about it, he made a run for the door.  Unfortunately though, Zayn was faster, and was able to tackle him to the ground. "Nohoho Dohohon't!" Louis giggled in anticipation, as the 3 boys pinned him down. Zayn sat on his arms, Harry straddled his waist, and Niall sat on his ankles.
:iconstyles555:Styles555 7 3
Prom : Niam/Larry (Pt 1)
A/N: Hey guys, long time no see! :D (Big Grin) Anyway, this story I have been writing for a couple weeks now, and I think you guys might like it. This was intentionally just gonna be a Larry story, but ya know, who doesn't love Niam? I know when I write about dating in the band the story usually goes down hill, but I really believe in this one.
Now I'm sorry I couldn't think of a better title, but this is 'Prom', enjoy!
Roaming around the halls of this high school were two sets of friends. You had Niall and Louis, and you also had Zayn, Liam, and Harry.
So lets start from the top:
Everybody loves Niall. He was a happy guy almost every moment of his life. He'd always greet you with a hug or a smile, respects adults, and always got his work done in school. He was also a cocky confident guy, whenever he wants something he tries anything to get it
:iconstyles555:Styles555 2 9
"You sure about this Haz?" Liam asked the younger boy. Liam was straddling Harry's waist, while Harry had his hands tucked behind his head. His plan was to have Liam tickle him. He believed that if he was tickled long enough, that he could grow out of it, and not be ticklish anymore.
"Go for it." Harry said as he bit his bottom lip. "If you say so." Said Liam. Liam then started squeezing Harry's sides, and that was enough for Harry to shriek, and thrash so much that he knocked Liam off him with a thump.
"Okay, ow." Liam groaned rubbing the back of his head. "Sorry about that." Harry apologized. "Maybe I just need to be....... held down." "Are you sure Harry? You're literally the worlds most ticklish person." Liam chuckled. "I can handle it, Liam." Harry said as he laid back on the ground.
Liam smiled as he straddled Harry's waist again, and this time pinned his arms above his head. Liam then proceeded to spider his hand in Harry's underarms. "AHAHAHA! NOHOHOHOT THEHEHEHERE!" Harry yell
:iconstyles555:Styles555 4 14
Harry Request for Allison
A/N: HELLO MY BEAUTIFUL WATCHERS! So I know, I haven't posted anything lately, and I am sorry for anyone who actually reads my shitty stories! :D (Big Grin)  Lol anyway, this was requested by directioner2194, the prompt was kinda hard to write, but hey, hopefully, I'm the only one who thinks this is a piece of trash.  
ENJOY! :D (Big Grin) 
You were waiting in the waiting area of the hospital ready to get a check up. You were having abdominal problems lately, and you wanted to see what was wrong.
"Excuse me miss, I'm afraid your usually doctor isn't available today, so we are gonna have you see one of our new doctors, is that fine?" A man says as he peeks his head in the waiting room. "Sure." You say. "Excellent, we'll be with you in a moment." the man says.
You wait patiently for your name to be called. "Allison?" You
:iconstyles555:Styles555 7 19
Oh Wow by Styles555 Oh Wow :iconstyles555:Styles555 7 99 WTF by Styles555 WTF :iconstyles555:Styles555 2 23 LOL by Styles555 LOL :iconstyles555:Styles555 7 122
One Direction Tickle Pt 4 : Niall Tickle
A/N: Hello all of my lovely watchers! This is part 4 of my part to part series. If you enjoyed Zayn, then you are absolutely, gonna love Niall! :) (Smile) Harry's the tickler, Niall's the ticklee, if you didn't get that by now.
ENJOY! :) (Smile) 
Harry uploaded Zayn's video, then went downstairs to check on him. He saw Zayn curled up on the couch asleep. Harry smiled, and put a blanket over the sleeping boy. Then he heard the front door unlock. He went downstairs to see Liam, Niall, and Louis had returned home from their interview.
"Hi guys!" Harry greeted. "Hey Haz." Niall replied. Liam and Louis stayed silent. "Guys?" Harry asked. "Uh... I gotta take this." Liam lied pulling out his phone, and walking out the door. "And I gotta go to the store." Louis said following Liam out the door. "But you went twice al-" "Bye!" Louis said closing the door and cutting Harry
:iconstyles555:Styles555 9 17
I Got Bored. Pow! by Styles555 I Got Bored. Pow! :iconstyles555:Styles555 2 7
Zayn Tickle Request for Christy
A/N: Yolo guys! This is a request from Demifan92. So...... lets get right to the story! I apologize advance in that this sucks. 
ENJOY:D (Big Grin) 
"Zaaaaaaaaaaaayn! Zayn!" You've been yelling his name for a minute or so now. You were upstairs trying to move a heavy box, while Zayn was downstairs doing who knows what. You march downstairs angrily to see what he was up to. When you came downstairs, you saw him sitting on the couch, listening to
:iconstyles555:Styles555 8 75
One Direction Tickle Pt 3 : Zayn Tickle
A/N: Hiya! This is the third part of my part to part series, If you thought Liam was good, then you're gonna love Zayn. Once again, Harry's the tickler, if you didn't realize that he is gonna be it for all the parts except 5. And I kinda just gave out what part five is gonna be about, but now I'm gonna shut my pie hole. *puts duck tape over mouth*
ENJOY:D (Big Grin) 
Liam, Niall, and Louis were out at a interview, while Zayn and Harry had the day off. Harry was planning to do an attack on Zayn too. Zayn was in the shower, while Harry was in the living room on his lab top.
Soon, Harry heard the sound of the
:iconstyles555:Styles555 9 33
One Dollar Bill by Styles555 One Dollar Bill :iconstyles555:Styles555 3 58 Untitled by Styles555 Untitled :iconstyles555:Styles555 3 64 Untitled by Styles555 Untitled :iconstyles555:Styles555 2 14 Untitled by Styles555 Untitled :iconstyles555:Styles555 5 4 Maxresdefault (1) by Styles555 Maxresdefault (1) :iconstyles555:Styles555 3 2


Mature content
A Study in Turquoise - part 1 :iconpyrokar1990:pyrokar1990 9 6
Harry and Niall Learn the Dangers of Halloween

The charismatic Mr. Styles strummed on his favorite guitar in his L.A. apartment happily while the sun began to set through the window. He sat on a futon, positioned with one leg under him while the bare toes of his other nearly reached the hardwood floor as he practiced. Days like this made his soul smile and his face light up but it wasn’t just any typical day; it was Halloween. Meanwhile a few blocks over, a group of kids eager to begin their pilgrimage for candy waited in one of their mom’s house. “Alright, everybody…what are the rules for tonight?” “Stay with the group” a Captain American said. “Very good” “Don’t eat any candy before it’s checked’ a princess rang out. “Yep…and what’s the last one?” “Don’t take no for an answer!” a particularly large Pennywise added. “That’s right” the woman replie
:icongiantxxx2:GIANTXXX2 33 13
Mature content
Irishlocks and the three Bears :iconpyrokar1990:pyrokar1990 13 9
Tickle Away the Tommo Blues
"C'mon love, I'm trying! Ya gotta give me something here..."
The crying didn't stop. In fact he was pretty sure it got worse. Louis Tomlinson groaned pitifully, resting his cheek against the side of his son Freddie's head as he gently rocked side to side. He'd been so excited to have his son for a whole week, no interruptions, no other responsibilities to rush to, just him and Freddie spending much needed time together. Sure, the babe was only four months, he probably wouldn't soak it up, but Louis would.
Unfortunately Freddie wasn't enjoying his company at all.
He ate, then cried. He would play for about an hour, then cry. He would nap after crying and tiring himself out, wake up, look up at him, and cry. Louis had honestly never felt so terrible, and he was pretty sure the babe could sense it, which didn't make anything better. He hadn't gotten a lot of sleep from all the stress. Briana had assured him it was normal, as did the doctor when he visited him twice (yes it had only been t
:iconticklegenie:TickleGenie 9 3
I had to by QuickSilverShadow
Mature content
I had to :iconquicksilvershadow:QuickSilverShadow 10 8
My Real Pedicure Tickling Experience!
On Thursday, May 9, 2013, (I was almost 17 years old back then.) I waited for my pedicure until someone came over. It was a woman. I didn't get her name though but she really liked my fingernails. I just got them done minutes ago. So she cleaned my toenails with a lot of things. It really tickled. I was giggling the whole time.
"Tickle?" She asked. "Mmm hmm." I said as I nodded. Then, she got out the scrubbing brush! "This is going to tickle." She said. First, she scrubbed my right foot everywhere. I was holding my hands to my mouth, laughing and giggling. I was pulling my foot away a little bit. The lady giggled along with me. I am very ticklish! She dropped my foot in the water. Then she grabbed my left foot and did the same thing, scrubbing it everywhere. It tickled so bad that I was laughing very hard. My hands were at my mouth and I was pulling my foot away a little bit again. The lady still giggled along with me. Then she dropped my foot again.
She rubbed the lotion on her hands
:iconticklishgurl96:TicklishGurl96 16 12
Fat girl tickling by ticklix
Mature content
Fat girl tickling :iconticklix:ticklix 125 6
Helpless foot tickles by ticklix
Mature content
Helpless foot tickles :iconticklix:ticklix 104 5
Tickling Desk by ticklix Tickling Desk :iconticklix:ticklix 184 10 Ticklish Weight Loss by ticklix Ticklish Weight Loss :iconticklix:ticklix 149 9 Girls having fun by ticklix
Mature content
Girls having fun :iconticklix:ticklix 224 7
Nami Comic by narutobyrufy Nami Comic :iconnarutobyrufy:narutobyrufy 230 10 Tickling Over The Internet by ticklix Tickling Over The Internet :iconticklix:ticklix 263 20
Mature content
Ticklecoaster :iconpyrokar1990:pyrokar1990 16 2
RedHead tickled by jason9800player2 RedHead tickled :iconjason9800player2:jason9800player2 162 10 Dee tickled by jelchio Dee tickled :iconjelchio:jelchio 164 13


What can I say? I love this drawing soooooooooooooooooo much. I actually thought that this was real when I saw a little picture of it. ...

Let me just say I think that this looks very good, and I love the picture you took, it has just the right amount of lighting. All of th...



ever feel like all hope is gone?
ever feel like you're just wasted weight on this earth?
ever feel like if you were to leave right now, that it would be no different?
ever feel like you don't mean anything to anyone?

 thats how i feel
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