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Win7 - Disable User Picture

Disable StartPanel User Picture and Resize PlacesList to fit - by Panda X

Technical Details:
Start Menu > Panels > Basic > UserPane (USERPIC: BOOL = 1) -> (USERPIC: BOOL = 0)
Start Menu > Panels > Basic > UserPane (DEFAULTPANESIZE:RECT = (0, 0, 145, 75)) -> (DEFAULTPANESIZE:RECT = (0, 0, 0, 0))
Start Menu > Panels > Basic > PlacesList (CONTENTMARGINS:MARGINS = (5, 4, 0, 0)) -> (CONTENTMARGINS:MARGINS = (5, 4, 8, 0))
Start Menu > Panels > Aero > Bottom > UserPane (DEFAULTPANESIZE:RECT = (0, 0, 145, 44)) -> (DEFAULTPANESIZE:RECT = (0, 0, 0, 0))
Start Menu > Panels > Aero > Top > PlacesList (CONTENTMARGINS:MARGINS = (3, 5, 0, 5)) -> (CONTENTMARGINS:MARGINS = (3, 5, 8, 5))
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condorito2's avatar
I'll try the opposite, I actually want to enable picture frame on a VS that didn't have it.
condorito2's avatar
What should I do with the downloaded file?
Elmer-BeFuddled's avatar
Already in use. Just (today) bought WSB. Great piece of kit, this is the icing sugar on my sweet sticky doughnut!!
ch-max's avatar
wow! it actually works! thanks!! :D
Kishan-Bagaria's avatar
Why don't you post the compiled msstyles?
funkkybebel's avatar
Hi Kishan, i tried your piece of software (Windows 7 Start Menu User Picture Remover), but it loads the defaut aero VS thus patches it.
The problem is that i'm using my own VS, so i had to solve it the manual way.
Elmer-BeFuddled's avatar
Then others take the credit? Not, in my opinion, quite right. You want the Gold? You do the panning!!
i2amfrankish's avatar
worked! thanks for the file!
how to do the download???
mikejon45's avatar
nice and handy but after applying the hack and then selecting the theme it flashes and drops me to a windows 7 basic theme and I have to resort to a different theme
evo1087's avatar
got 1.4 put it in the stylehacks folder. click test seems to work. reboot and the comp get stuck on please wait and the screen flickers off and on.
Did you buy VSB?
thekjub's avatar
there must be a way how to do this in registry .... i dont have visual style builder ... is there any other way ? pls
There's a program that runs in the BG to do it over at Neowin. Though you'll have to search for it.
royhard's avatar
thanks. just what i'm looking for
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