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Address Bar Text Glow

By stylehacks
Adds a text glow to Aero's address bar. The values are located at
Toolbars, Headers and Rebar > Toolbars & Headers > BB Toolbar > Aero

To install open VSB, click StyleHacks, then click Browse for a StyleHack file.
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And does this work with Crystal Gloss 7 theme too???
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I have a Vista Style Builder installed but i don't how to add glow in my adressbar, i want to high glow when active or inactive window.

Thanx mate!!
good job! but I think I could add the properties myself instead of using the StyleHack
You could do anything yourself instead of using a stylehack.
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Hi! thanks a lot :+fav:, could be posible to do this with the text of minimized windows too?? lot of thanks!
If they're minimized then why would you need to see the text?
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I talk about addinng glow to the text of the taskbar.
I can add glow to the text of the taskbar,I find it myself~
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Thanks for this! :+fav:!
Jointmaster's avatar
Nice! :) Improves the readability...
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this is cool. but witch is the code for windows 7 build 7068? can you find it ? i use restorator for making themes so if you can find a way to apply this mod with restorator beacause a lot of people doesnt have ave vista style builder.
It requires VSB.
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so please tell me how to use it?
You need to buy Vista Style Builder at [link]
Then follow in install instructions for the style hack in the comments.
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nice work and nice idea ;)
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we, the poor guys living in 3rd world countries, will wait for the un-orthodox version of the app :lol:
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lsdmeasap's avatar
VSB would be needed
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