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In Motion: Running

Rather hi-res even. Have fun!

Cheetah Conservation Fund

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Used here: Fighting the Smog
Thank you so much for your amazing stock!
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Sorry that I didn't wait your response for the use of this picture as a reference for a drawing, but I could't wait! The urge to draw was too strong. I credited you in my description. So this is the masterpiece: [link] :)
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I don't mind being credited reference, so it's alright :)
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No, I find it's really important to show what kind of reference I used and I always try to get the permission of people and credit them for the original idea.
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This is a perfect reference picture for my drawing. Can I use it? I will credit you of course :)
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Very nice shot! I used it as a reference here and credit'd you c:
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WOW, this is awesome! :wow: It's a wild cheetah too!

Mind if I use this as a reference?
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Congratulation. Featured here. :D
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