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FFIV-FFVI: rosaterra

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Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy VI.

:< we have FUN FUN.

No Faris, sorry :iconkupo-chan: XD I didn't feel like coloring her
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Rosa is sooo pretty!amazing!
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omg,Rosa te a quedado genial!!
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I love the pale skin and the dignified, romantic looking eyes.
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I already gave a fairly lengthy comment on CavesOfNarshe for Rosa (and a really superficial one on Terra), but I guess I'll throw another one out there. Good job on the both of them. It's rare to see FFIV fanart now days. Makes me happy to see that someone still appreciates the game.
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Wow, this is very much like Amano's style. Extremely awesome job! :nod:
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wooh that's pretty, I like the way she's tilting her head in the second picture, very elegant~
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Sweet FFVI goodness. A+!
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She is very pretty! :D
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shethhesggs. Beautiful Terra <3 say yes to green hair woowoooo. I love Amano but I hate her blonde XD

I love Rosa's design too *_*
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Ooomg :heart: These are lovely. There is never any art of Rosa ever so :heart: and the angle on Terra's is pretty :3 I WANNA SEE FARIS i love her o:
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ROSA IS STILL BEAUTIFUL. All the little details, fiiiiii--- I have no idea why I adore how you drew her there so much.

;~; At least I have Faris on my computer...NOW YOU'VE MADE ME WANT TO DRAW FARIS SGASJHAS
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