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:bulletred::bulletred:Remember: Upon submitting art there is a chance you will be declined! This does not reflect you, the artist, personally. It is based upon the rules below:bulletred::bulletred:

Welcome! Style-In-Art is a quality controlled group whose focus is primarily on gorgeous stylization in artwork. There are hundreds of groups that accept everything, and in turn there are hundreds of people who join groups never to pay attention to what's submitted. Our goal is to make people actually care about what submissions appear on their dash board. We only accept artwork with more advanced technique.

Joining: No requirements to join! We want to give everyone the chance to submit and to see artwork!

Submission: members are allowed to submit anything, but we have high standards for quality here. Any piece that does NOT meet those requirements will be declined. There are no limitations on what can be submitted as far as content goes, so humans, monsters, environments, or more are acceptable.

We are looking for advanced work here. So there should be an understanding in anatomy, style, composition, and advanced skill shown. There will be some very good artworks that don't QUITE meet the criteria, but I'll try and add those to the favs.


We judge artwork based on:

:bulletblue:style: Is the piece stylized? Photo-realistic pieces will be rejected. That said, stylized-realism (normally as seen in game art) is acceptable. Is the piece stylized in an aesthetically pleasing way? This is subjective, but great art that's stylized in a non aesthetically pleasing way will be declined. Normally this is the case if the style overpowers the rest of the image as far as composition, color and anatomy goes. The style should add something to the artwork, and should be interesting.

:bulletblue:anatomy/proportions: All art is expected to show an advanced understanding of anatomy. Adventure Time is a great example of a highly stylized show that requires a very strong understanding of anatomy to pull off right. A piece with gorgeous style, but bad anatomy will still be rejected. While anatomy will be subjectively judged by style, even simplified designs should show a strong foundation. Anatomy also extends to ALL items in a piece, from buildings to trees to people.

:bulletblue:Presentation: cell phone shots, finished art drawn on lined paper, badly photographed pieces, overly filtered art etc. Those will be declined. We expect you to care as much about the presentation of your artwork as the quality of it.

:bulletblue:Design/composition: There should be a strong sense of design and composition in each piece. A well made piece that just focuses on a character rather than composition should be submitted to sketches.

:bulletblue:technique: All artwork should have advanced technique in terms of media used or use of color/line. Pieces should depict a strong sense of understanding lighting, shading, color and form. Even simplified styles can showcase an understanding of these.

:bulletblue:Overall skill: Depending on your chosen medium, the skill level should be comparable to other pieces present in the gallery. We're after advanced pieces or pieces with advanced concept.

:bulletblue:Correctly marked: Finally, if the piece has mature content, it needs to be marked as such or it won't be accepted at the time, or may be subject to removal from the gallery.

Like other groups there are various categories. I may add or delete some as necessary as we grow. Certain categories slightly overlap each other, and that's fine. Here's a basic example of what should be submitted to where:

:bulletred: Featured: Please only submit your BEST to featured. Images are expected to be completed including a background. Any piece submitted to featured that does NOT fit in will be declined even if it would fit into other folders.
:bulletred: Digital Artwork: Any digital artwork that does not fit into the other digital categories. Pieces should generally include a background and some composition.
:bulletred: Digital animal or creature work: Any digital artwork where the primary focus is on a creature, animal or fantasy beast in its environment.
:bulletred: Digital environment work: Digital work where the environment is the primary focus of the piece.
:bulletred: Fanart: High quality fanart of any style can be placed here! Fan art can also be submitted to other folders if the piece is about more than just the characters. (ie, backgrounds, scenery, etc)
:bulletred: Traditional finished work: All completed traditional works. If non complete or a sketch submit to the proper folder. Finished pieces should generally include a background.
:bulletred: Sketches and character Studies: Unfinished work, or work that focuses on a single subject matter rather than the piece as a whole. (Ie. a drawing of an OC that's well made, but the composition and design are lacking is more of a study). Character art without backgrounds should go here.
:bulletred: Concept art and rough ideas: Well made studies, or art that's more about defining a concept than a finished illustration. (Ie. several drawings of a character with multiple outfits or hair styles would be concept art, but NOT finished work). Also acceptable are rougher ideas that still depict many of the foundations of a finished stylized work. These should be advanced and able to hold up on their own.
:bulletred: Comics or Sequential: self explanatory. Content is important, and pages should be well designed. Non colored comics are accepted, too.
:bulletred: Animation: If it moves. Animation should be well executed and more than just a few frames of movement.
:bulletred: Sculpture or hand created: Anything that you can physically hold. Sculpture, paper crafts, plushies, etc. An advanced level of skill and attention to anatomy and style is preferable.
:bulletred: I don't know where this goes? If you have a piece that does NOT fit into any other category, or you're confused, we'll help place it.


But why was I declined!?
We're quality-controlled, and unfortunately, not all work is up to the bar we have set. That said, If you want to know why your image was rejected you can always ask why. I will give a quick and dirty reason as to why, and suggest what you can work on to improve. Private message me (group founder) if you would like more in-depth reasons as to why.

But why don't you accept everyone?! All art is worthy of being seen!
I agree that all art is worthy of being seen, which is why there are tons of groups out there for that. That said, if you bring your artwork into a local gallery and expect them to immediately hang it, you'll be bummed when they tell you NO. If your artwork isn't in now, doesn't mean it won't ever be. Keep working hard, and keep looking at gorgeous art.

Your group would be better if you did _____!!
Please tell me any of your suggestions! I may not agree, but I am definitely willing to hear them.
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Hi!  It's Kiki here!

I wish I could keep this group super active beyond just being a gallery for good arts, but I'm generally incredibly busy with my own projects!

If you submit art and it's expired, I'll go through and request to add the artwork to the appropriate gallery later.

Finally, if you're interested in being a mod for this group, please send a note here or to my primary account :iconkiki-doodle: about why you think you'd be a good mod. Because the group is highly quality controlled, you would have to be comfortable with rejecting artwork that MAY be good, but isn't good enough to put into the group's galleries.  If you also have ideas on making the group more exciting, please share!

don't be discouraged if I don't accept you as a mod.  BECAUSE of the fact I'm going to be pretty busy a lot, the mods do most of the selection/final decision on which pieces go into the gallery, and I want to make sure the goals of the group stay intact!
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