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Her Choice
He stared at the barrel of her gun as he fell to his knees. “You don’t have to do this.”
Tears stung her eyes. She breathed deeply, aiming the rifle at his skull. “I wish that were true. I really wish that were true.” Aluehart closed her eyes, squeezing them shut, afraid to see what she knew would happen when she pulled the trigger. Afraid to see what her brother would become once the rifle went off. Shaking, she knew that if she didn’t open her eyes and do this right, she would miss. This wasn’t something that she could bear doing again. Opening her eyes, Alue stared down at her brother. He knelt where he was, his arms fallen to his sides. His dark eyes were desperate, searching.
“Please, Alue,” he said, his voice quiet. “You don’t-”
“Stop!” she shrieked, stepping forward, her rifle bearing down on him, forcing silence onto his lips. “Stop it! You’ve done this, Marcus. YOU! What the hell di
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The Seeds of Revenge
“Where is he?”
“My Lady…”
“Answer me,” the woman hissed, her brilliant emerald eyes narrowed down at the courier. In his silence, the woman stood up in her fury, her shrill voice ringing out, echoing through the marble chamber. “Answer me! Where. Is. My Husband?!”
Each word was punctuated by the sharp striking of her heels on the marbled floor. The last word came out as nearly a screech, hitting the courier like a knife in the chest. Still the man did not rise, nor flinch away. He bit his lip, holding himself straight. As the woman stopped in front of him, he finally brought the courage up to look her in the face.
The courier could feel his resolution wavering under her intense gaze. He had a duty, however. As awful a thing as it was. And he was running out of time, the others would be here soon. She had to know.
“My Lady…” he tried again, his voice soft and shaking. With a cough and mental shake, the man took in a
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The Beast
“I’m not so sure that this is a good idea,” Matty’s voice whispered out in the darkness. His dark eyes shone in the light of the flashlight that he held, his head turning towards the friend behind him. He could barely see it, but he could sense that Bridgette’s bright green eyes rolled in her head. With a frown, he took a breath to continue his complaints, but the girl shut him up with a shove to the back of his shoulder. Grunting, Matty continued forward, listening hard to the sounds of the night that pressed in around him.
“Don’t be such a baby,” Bridgette’s voice came, finally, as they stepped out from the shelter of the woods. “Come on, Matthew. You can’t really be scared, can you? It’s just a stupid old boarded up house. It’s not even a scary old falling apart kind of house. It’s just some rich jerk’s old place that he forgot about.”
Matty glanced up the hill towards the old mano
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The Goddess' Gift
It wasn’t a pretty sight, watching as the Lord of the Underworld appeared in the room. A slow, swirling cloud of black seeped across the room, chilling the others. Heads turned to watch as a small spot at the head of the table began to bubble with the cloud. It was silently growing, bigger and bigger until it was about the size of a man. Only then, did Hades steps forth, his form ominous and pressing.
Stepping through the dark mists, the god slowly made his way forward. His arms crossed over his chest as he stopped, his gaze hidden behind the dark helm that rested upon his head. Steadily, the room grew darker, colder. All of the eyes were on him. Fear radiated from him, seeping into the gods around the table, forcing a few of the others to fidget in their seats.
“Is there a reason that you have summoned me in the middle of my work?” Hades voice was low and quiet, his form standing out amidst them all from the faint blue glow that spilled from the plume of his helm.
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Mature content
Nightmare :iconstyhx:Styhx 1 0
His ears pricked as he felt the wind change direction, blowing into his face. The young worgen took in a deep breath, scenting the air around him as if he were on the hunt. He crouched down, his paws digging into the soft earth beneath him, claws lightly scraping against the mud. The worgen knew that he probably wasn’t alone. In fact, he could probably place his sister somewhere nearby, if he tried to hunt her down. She was probably somewhere off downwind of him, letting him have his own little moment. He couldn’t help but appreciate her care, but at the same time, the young worgen wished, desperately, that they would all trust him.
His sniffed the wind again, scenting something new this time. A rabbit, by the smell of it. Something fun to chase, and not too easy to catch. Just because he was blind didn’t mean that the thrill of the hunt avoided him. He was still a wolf at heart. His blood still pumped with ferocity, anxious to be let free.
The young worgen crouched d
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Lost Phone
A loud yawn echoed within the small space of the female's bedroom. The redhead stretched out upon her bed, her green eyes closed tight against the bright rays of sunlight that tried desperately to penetrate the blinds. A squeak escaped her as she hit the climax of her stretch, a sigh passing through her lips as she relaxed, satisfied. Somewhere a little ways of she heard her phone buzz. Again it went off. And once more.
Grumbling a little, she rolled over to the edge of the bed and sat up. "I'm coming!" She hissed, annoyed, as the phone went off again. Throwing of the blankets, the scantily clad female made her way to the phone, remembering that she dumped it somewhere by the front door after she got home from the party. Vaguely.
Searching around the small apartment entry she couldn't find it. Her face screwed up in frustration, she crossed her arms over her chest, staring at the basket she normally kept her wallet and keys and phone in. It wasn't there. But where could it be?
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Giving Up
Staring hard at the piece of paper that lay in front of him, the young man ran a hand through his dark hair, the fingers gently resting briefly against the skin of his scalp. Before clawing their way into the skin as he clenched his fist, brown eyes screwing up tightly. A deep breath was drawn in, and held, before he let it out again. And another. And another.
It took a few moments for the young man to regain his normal breathing, his eyes opening slightly, to small slits. Swallowing hard, he looked back down at the paper, his face contorted with a mixture of pain and anger, terror and uncertainty. Why should he even go through with this part of it? It was so hard, it wasn’t even fair. Why did he need to explain himself? Why should he, to the people in his life who didn’t care about him. Didn’t even cast a second glance his way, except to say something about themselves, except to say they were sorry, to tell him what he was doing wrong.
Why should he write the letter?
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What was there that I could possibly write? There was nothing I could do. Nothing I could say to make any of it right. Right? It was over. It was all over. Nothing would come out of this, whether anything made it to the page or not. It was useless. Pointless, and painful.
Yet I couldn’t tear myself away from the page. Something held me there. Staring blankly down at the paper, eyes searching the thin blue lines for inspiration. For help. I could feel a mixture of emotions at the pit of my stomach, a rage of frustration that would normally swell and explode into a storm, a feeling of such desperation and pain that would have crippled me in seconds, and some mixture of hopelessness that wished I could simply end it. But that’s where it all stayed – deep down inside of me. All my mind would register was the numbness around me. It surrounded me, enveloped me, embraced me in a sweet caress, soft yet firm and unforgiving.
My arms hung at my sides as I sat at the table, star
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The Accident
“Yes, sir. I know, I’m on my way. I’m only a few minutes from the office, I’ll be there-” the man’s voice stopped as he suddenly noticed the shaggy brown dog running out onto the road. His phone flew through the air as he dropped it, grabbing at the steering wheel as his foot slammed down hard on the brake pedal. His tires screeched loudly in his ears, his arms struggling to keep the wheel straight.
“Shit! Shit, no, fuck,” curses spilled from him as his dark SUV finally came to a stop, the loud ‘THUD’ and corresponding yelp not helping his panicking mind. He ignored his phone, unable to hear his boss yelling over the line, demanding to know what had just happened, why the man had suddenly gone quiet. Popping the door open, he stepped out, rushing to the front of the vehicle to assess the damage.
“Oh no...” he said, his hand rising to his head tangling in his hair.
He bit his lip, looking around the area, wondering
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The Screech of Tires
The screech of the tires, and the dull thud of the car... That’s all I remember hearing before my world went black. I can feel myself waking up, but my eyes are refusing to open. My chest hurts so bad, and all I can hear now is the pounding of the blood in my head. I feel myself move, my chest heaving as a whimper tries to escape my body. I can’t tell if it does, I can’t hear.
From somewhere in the distance, I can sense something moving close by. I can almost hear voices. It sounds like they’re in another room, whispering, talking about me. I can only hear murmurs from the voices, as if the door between our rooms was closed. I concentrate all my energy on the voices, trying desperately to hear what they say, trying to push past the pain in my body.
“I don’t think the dog is going to make it,” I hear one of them say, a sadness that made my heart ache worse than it already did was woven through the voice. I tried to move a paw, to show that I was
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The First Chimaera
Red eyes glanced through all the things on the table, flicking occasionally to the piece of paper the young alchemist held in her hands. It looked like everything was ready. Turning around, the woman pulled her brown hair back, tying it up into a tail. Glancing around, an annoyed look crossed her features, eyes narrowing as she called out into the labs, "Jericho! Jericho, get in here! I'm not doing this alone, you lazy ass."
"Lazy?!" a voice retorted back, a young man stepping into the room, his own blue eyes shining with a little annoyance. "Excuse me? Who did you have collect everything in the first place? How easy do you think it was to find this swan?"
"There's a lake nearby, Jericho, I have doubts that it very hard at all," the female scoffed, turning back to the table to collect all the materials from the table. "Help me get everything ready for the transmutation. We have to set it up precisely."
Jericho moved further into the room, coming up to the table to help gather the thing
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A Night of Games
A knock at the door sounded, echoing through the house as footsteps sounded back, a young boy scrambling down the stairs as another knock hit the front door. The boy paused a few steps from the bottom, his mind flipping for a moment with an idea. Grinning, he jumped, landing squarely on the rug beneath, the cloth sliding across the tiled floor. He let out a yelp, grappling around for something, anything to stop his fall. Lucky for him, he caught something; the doorknob on the front door.
It swung in, exposing Luke Steel, sprawled out, clinging to the door as his backside and legs were stretched out in front of him, knees bent so he was barely hanging above the floor. The dark eyed male at the door couldn't help but laugh at the scene, watching Luke's blue eyes narrow under his mess of sandy hair.
"Hanging in there, Luke?" the second boy asked, smirking with amusement down at his friend.
"Shut up, Derek, and help me!" Luke hissed, holding out his hand. Derek stepped past him, glancing d
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Styhx. Pronounced like "Sticks".

As of 2015, I have an honest to the gods goal of writing something of meaning, and trying to make something of myself. I'm taking this seriously, for the umpteenth time, but sticking to it for once. I want to create something that everyone will enjoy. And here is where I'll start.

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Alright, I totally started this thing at the beginning of the month, but I never got around to actually posting it up here, y'see. Which is terrible, truly, but hey. Whatever. I'm behind a little as it is, oops. Most of my writing have been personal little tidbits that I never finish. But I'm trying, see. That's the point. 
Anyway, I dunno how this came into my head, but I got this brilliant idea that I wanted to write at least 1000 words every single day. A daunting task for someone who fails at keeping up with anything, believe you me. 
So in honor of Camp NaNoWriMo, actually, I have decided that to help me both improve my writing, and increase the amount of writing I do every day, I will work on at least 1000 words everyday. I have made this promise to myself to write at least one short story of some sort with at least a thousand words in it everyday, from prompts online and pictures that I find inspiring, and ideas that pop up in my head through out the days. And here on Tablo (along with a few other sites) is where I will be uploading this self-made, self-promised challenge. 

I, Anthony, will do everything in my power to write at least 1k words everyday for at least one year. Starting April 7th of 2016, I will write at least one prompt a day before midnight. I will be uploading it here, at least once a day. It doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to be written. I don't have to like it, but it has to come out.

Because of the nature of Camp NaNoWriMo (and the task of pumping out writing nearly nonstop with little to no time doing anything else, let alone uploading), I will have a bit of a backlog that I will try to be uploading my writing between the last week of April and the first week of May. So keep an eye out for a writing dump here soon! 

Thank you all for any and all support shown! Please have fun reading!



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