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Turkey Therizinosaurus

Welp, finished this a bit too late for Thanksgiving, but here, have a turkey-esque Therizinosaurus.
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T. gallopavonis
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I would not want to run into a turkey that looks like that on thanksgiving
LyzeofKiel's avatar
Ah, the infamous "Turkey Jerk" of "The Isle" in it's true form. A shame they're so rarely played...
Great work, btw! :D

"Well, what did you expect? Some Tyto owl with gleaming armor, and battle claws, the moon rising behind him?"

grisador's avatar
Aaaah.... The Times that Turkey's beat the Crap out Tyrannosauroids.... Very Good Times !
AnimalKrazed's avatar
Thus began the reign of the Turkey.
I-Phillip's avatar
dinodude0091's avatar
Gobble gobble motherfuckers.  
tigris115's avatar
There should've been a second one with a Native American headdress.
terencethet-rex's avatar
In the words of Mel Brooks ; Oy
DALAIMALAI123's avatar
What's going to be next?! A cassowary-like Therizinosaurus?!
dinobenten's avatar
you should make a series of these animals
amorousdino's avatar
This is the coolest thing I've seen today...
But then I did just wake up XD
Still cool =D
Mesozoic0906's avatar
Thanksgiving Nemegt Style.
Just so you know, Tom Holtz has just shared this on Facebook.
Ornitholestes1's avatar
It just gets worse and worse for that Tarbosaurus!
Gojira5000's avatar
That poor Tarbosaurus can't catch a break, can it? First a goose Therizinosaurus, then a turkey Therizinosaurus. What's next, a cassowary Therizinosaurus? :P

Nice touch with the Tarbosaurus's fancy hat, too.
DALAIMALAI123's avatar
That's the same thing I said! XD Oh god, imagine it!
Julio-Lacerda's avatar
Imagine it's call!
dinobenten's avatar
squawobble squawobble XD
DJ-miller's avatar
Even more scary than the Goose one.
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