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Saurolophus and Alvarezsaurids

Here's my submission for the All Your Yesterdays contest: a trio of alvarezsaurids (accidentally based off of Shuvuuia rather than Mononykus, got the two switched around in terms of locales) taking advantage of a resting Saurolophus by clawing open holes in its skin and lapping up the blood. Oh, and they also take care of parasites, I guess.

I actually drew something involving this idea a while back, and figured I may as well redraw it. No idea if I can think of any other possible submission ideas.
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I just thought of something: what if these alvarezsaurids are actually two different species, with one being genuinely beneficial to their duckbill friends by cleaning parasites and the other mimicking the cleaner in order to feed on blood?
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That would actually be a pretty interesting idea.
Disinfecting Alvin!
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At first glance I thought the Alvarezsaurids were squirrels!
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oxpeckers and pilot fish do the same thing
DinoBrian47's avatar
Nah, I don't think pilot fish would be willing enough to take a bite out of a shark.
Michell-Vall's avatar
happens all the time

if their "host" is injured they won't hesitate to pick at its wounds
DinoBrian47's avatar
I've seen that in oxpeckers only but with pilot fish.... :O
Michell-Vall's avatar
its not truly symbiotic, its more of a "neutral parasite" relationship
with the pilot fish being a mixed blessing for their host
DinoBrian47's avatar
So in a way, they're like ectoparasites but they don't harm their host?
Michell-Vall's avatar
thats a great analogy
they don't normally harm their host, but an injured host is often subjected to nipping at its wounds
DinoBrian47's avatar
Why would an injured host nip at its own wounds?
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I love the speculation of this!
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Great Idea! I haven't noticed many entries with extraordinary ideas, but this is one of them!
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This is my favourite alvarezsaurid reconstruction ever.

The anteater-analogy always seemed weird to me considering it would literally have to hug the termite mound when using its claws.

I´ve read about oxpeckers a while ago and was really amazed they didn´t really clean large mammals as is often assumed, but actually fed on the wounds themselves, making them the closest we have to parasitic birds (not counting Darwin´s Vampire Finch). A small parasitic dinosaur (no, not a vampire Jeholopterus) would be awesome.
ZombieSaurian's avatar
VERY interesting! I like it!
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Neat concept! Funnily enough, I also drew alvarezsauroids for my contest - totally different settings, but similarly fluffy - and reddish brown with blueish grey legs! Great minds eh? :D
novablue's avatar
*contest entry
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Saurolophus, Y U NO REACT?!
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Saurolophus at the spa.
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That is creepy-tastic. At first I wondered, "wouldn't that be excruciatingly painful?" But then I thought, maybe they lick painkilling saliva onto the site first, and anticoagulants so they can get a decent meal. Creepy-tastic.
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Awesome, I think about "vampire-dinosaurs" but your concept is much better than what I had in mind :clap:
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