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Quilled Oryctodromeus

Another submission for the All Your Yesterdays contest: An Oryctodromeus using its quilled tail as a passive defense against possible predators while it digs its burrow.

Here we have it discouraging a passing troodontid from trying anything funny.
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:) (Smile) Cool. Magnify An ornithopod with porcupine-like characteristics on it's tail for defense (and let alone, rictal bristles on it's face like a flycatcher. Good job there. 
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Eat quills, troodontid!!!
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Great speculation !!
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An Interesting Theory And A Wonderful Representation Of Two Beautiful Animals. Excellent Job.
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Wonderful speculation! I could see this happening on nature documentary.
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Wonderful! I really love this.
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That was the very nice drawing and are these troodonts in the early or late cretaceous?
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Oryctodromaeus is from a Cenomanian formation, so I'd say middle Cretaceous. :)
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There is no Middle Cretaceous; there is only a Early Cretaceous and Late Cretaceous.

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Okay, that's were am I asking for.:)
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