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Newly described long-snouted tyrannosaur Qianzhousaurus sinensis.
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isn't the upper jaw suppose to be skinier
THere appears to be lips covering the teeth
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Ah that's why it looks more bulky
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Here's a question; Are Qianzhousaurus and Alioramus related also to Nanotyrannus? certain similarities are starting to present themselves and it is of my opinion that Nanotyrannus, should it prove to be a separate genus, may be a member of the Alioramini.
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The paper actually addresses this.
"‘Nanotyrannus’ does not exhibit the extreme longirostrine morphology of alioramins. ...Therefore, if ‘Nanotyrannus’ is a distinct taxon, it does not appear to be a member of Alioramini, and may represent a separate acquisition of longirostrine morphology among tyrannosaurids."
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what ever happened to that dueling dinosaur auction case did they ever identify that tyrannosaurid
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wow. did not expect that so quickly. maybe it was a case of convergent evolution if Nanotyrannus does prove to be distinct. possible?
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It saw the end of the dinosaurs aswell.
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What a cool new tyrannosaur! These discoveries are really rolling in!
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Interesting. Juvenile or basal species?
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Skull length is over 40% femur length, compared to about equal in all other tyrannosaurids  
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First a Deinocheirus skull, then a placenameotyrant. Not exactly what Théoden called "a grim morn, and a glad day, and a golden sunset", but that's OT. Beautiful work as always!
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