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Neovenator and Hypsilophodon

Neovenator biting down on a Hypsilophodon's tail and yanking it backwards in order to keep it from getting away so it can stay for lunch.
Started as a traditional drawing that I liked enough to make digital.
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Fantastic colours.  Really like this!
DinoBirdMan's avatar
That could make itself a "Cat and Mouse Game" of the cretaceous!

Cool! I like both of them!:)
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I really love the contrast of both spots and stripes and of red and blue in this.

Also, I'm not sure quite why, but I'm finding this incredibly adorable.
r-heinart's avatar
Looks like the Neovenator was either going to be fuzzy or spined, what changed your mind?
StygimolochSpinifer's avatar
Momentary doodle of a few spines, yeah.
I tend not to put spines on things now (I used to for a while, then stopped), so I was sort of on the fence about them.