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Haven't really drawn much lately, but I had gotten the urge to draw these today for some reason (if I ever post my notebook doodles, you'll see them), so here's a quick All Yesterdays-esque Leaellynasaura, with some things added for the sake of making it different.

Now, to figure out what to do for that contest...
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In the book, the fuzz at the tip of this dinosaur's interpretation is yellow, but here, it is red. Also the tail isn't sticking upwards like the illustration depicts.

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Leaellynasaura, gotta love the fuzz!  :happybounce: 

Keep up the great work! :)
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Kinda makes you want to take it home with ya.
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Is there a skeletal that you have used as a reference?
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IT'S SO FLUFFY! :iconitssofluffyplz:

Anyhoo, humor aside, this is a pretty cool looking drawing. I like this! I'm faving now...
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I WANT THIS BOOK SO BAD!!!!! :iconraegplz:
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It's like a squirrel/rabbit bird! It's so cute!
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Looks very nice!
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I like the steam coming out of its nostrils.
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SO CUTE AND CUDDLY, I want one. When I faved I didn't know weather to put it in the "Dinos" folder or "Concept Creatures". :lol:
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