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Ichthyovenator Bellowing

Yet another submission: an Ichthyovenator doing a rumbling display similar to that of alligators.

Also, someone requested a flashy Ichthyovenator, so here.
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very cool idea i won't lie :D
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Nice illustration for an amazing book !!
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Nice - Ichthyovenator - one of my favourite spinosaurids, never seen one digitally drawn though. Amazing work, but the spine doesn't seem quite right.
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I do wonder why some of these theropods had such weird-shaped back decor. Concavenator looks like a friggin' shark, but this dude looks like somebody took a bite out of him. :confused:
Once again, lovely colors, and the head anatomy is perfect. :D
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This is a really interesting idea and also quite plausible, I think. ^^
You did a great job on the colours. ^^
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Like that rumble sound where you make.:)
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I usually imagine spinosaurs barking like herons, but this is good too.
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Awesome idea!
Who really knows they might had done this.
Very cool!
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Absolutely brilliant.
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Wonderful color scheme!! Brilliant!
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