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Fighting Ouranosaurus

Came up with another submission for the contest: a pair of male Ouranosaurus duking it out by hitting each other with their sails, reconstructed with thick scalation ala All Yesterdays.

Perspective is the bane of my artistic attempts. I need to invest in lots of clay or force myself to learn Blender.
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This is beautiful. The osteodermed sail looks really good. The blue heads and nose-sac looks fantastic as well.
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Nod Cool. Did you get the colors and patterns on Ouranosaurus from any kind of modern day bird and/or reptile? 
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interesting design
i am more used to the sail back version but the hump back design really suits :)
4tocaido's avatar
 for a momment thought that it were siameses :O
grisador's avatar
The one on the right seems to like fighting ! :D
Ceratopsia's avatar
Reminds me of the work of Luis V Rey, but in a good way. Great job! :D (Big Grin) 

BTW: I agree about perspective. :grump: 
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You have such beautiful and diverse colourations for your dinosaurs! A genuine talent you've got there! Plus Ouranosaurs are one of my favourite dinosaurs!
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Nicely done. Your color scheme is very eye catching. They've got quite a nose on them, don't they! Hopefully they keep their respective thumb spikes out of the fight, we don't need any eye-gouging.
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Love fighting duci bills!
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ever thought about drawing the dinosaucers cartoon characters? your art is so vibrant...I know Dinosaucers are fake BUT theyre kinda cool in a mad silly way
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Perspective loosk quite fine, only the tail of the right one seems off.
Also great idea!
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You + 3D modeling software = win
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Are these kind alike humps? There kind alike awesome!;)
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I can speak from experience: Sculptris is awesome. I've never ACTUALLY used it for a drawing I completed, but still, it helps tons. My recommendation, if you do end up using it, is to make each segment of the animal as a separate piece; that way you can pose it easily.
TheDilophoraptor's avatar
you could try Sculptis, its like Z brush for beginners, and its FREE
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