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Deinocheirus Bust

The head of Deinocheirus, just as weird as the rest of it.
Based off of the photos in this article. Expect a full body based off of the skeletal seen in the third image at some point in time later.
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I'm thinking of making a bird for my spec evo project based off of this.
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Hello! I was wondering if i may use this in a youtube video i am making, (we will give you 100% credit of course) and we are not monetizing our videos.

Youtube channel is; The Expeditioner's Discovery Guild, if you were wondering…
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I love the colors! They remind me of a saddle-billed stork!
megabass22's avatar
Seems we have a new candidate for the weirdest dinosaur...
Gojira5000's avatar
If Utahraptor becoming a psuedo-abelisaur wasn't odd enough for you... :p
Heytomemeimhome's avatar
Traheripteryx's avatar
Adorable in a weird way! :D
Pappasaurus's avatar
Whoa! That face is kinda look like a duck or a swan to me! That looks weird but i like it but did they found the Deinocheirus skull and the missing bones?
Orionide5's avatar
Wow! This is beautiful.
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Fantastic work! Even if I think that that Deinocheirus' skull is distorted, it seems to be pretty strange.
I would prefer to wait for the official paper but meanwhile I must say that this is great.
Also, it reminds me some kind of duck... is it just me, or am I right?
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Black necked swan is what you're thinking.
Smnt2000's avatar
Good to know. Thanks for the reply.
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It's getting even better.
PeteriDish's avatar
amazing! thanks for making this!
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The more we find of Deinocheirus, the weirder it gets. What's next? Flamboyant feather impressions and freaky soft tissue display organs?
MrGorsh's avatar
I wouldn't be surprised about a corkscrew penis or something.
Or a 8-foot-long feather crest
PrimevalBrony's avatar
Or an ankylosaurid tail
MrGorsh's avatar
Impossible with the currently known skeletal. Ankylosaurid tails were built completely differently. :P
ZoPteryx's avatar
Beautiful reconstruction!
RickCharlesOfficial's avatar
Beautiful reconstruction! The sucker is like a massive humpbacked duck.
Ashere's avatar
IT just keeps getting weirder!
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