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31 Day Palette Challenge - Dynamoterror

Day 28 is the last day of the 2018 dinosaurs, and with it comes the tyrannosaur Dynamoterror in #51, dynamically terrorizing a Brachychampsa.
Find the palettes here.
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Do you have any tips on reconstructing anatomy and / or creating believable colour schemes??
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This reconstruction on a recent dinosaur looks pretty good. Though just a tidbit, the skull looks to allosauroid to me than tryannosauroid. And the Brachychamsa looks quite nice, looks kinda like a  small alligator.
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looks great
love the way the Dynamoterror looks, looks so powerful
crocodilian also look amazing :D
XenoTeeth3's avatar
Yay , Its DynamoT:D (Big Grin) B-) (Cool)