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:star: Welcome to the Stygians masterlist! This is where we will list all featured Stygian, guest, and myos!

:star: The Treat masterlist is found here!

:star: Please be sure to read our updated TOS for all rules on ownership, trading, selling, and other things dealing with Stygian Shade. STYGIAN TOS (Updated!)

:star: All art here is owned by it's respective artists! This is just an account to organize and keep records for the @Stygian-Shade arpg!

:star::star: If you trade your adopt, please go to this journal to transfer it! STYGIAN, TREATLING, AND TREAT REHOMING JOURNAL

:star: If your Stygian was a freebie of any kind (so it says 'gift/gift only' or 'trade' under Gift/Trade/Sell) you are allowed to gift it away OR trade it for other Stygian only. You may not trade it for species outside of Stygian Shade.

:star: If you see your entry/Stygian missing, please note this account!


:star::star: If you would like to Re-home a Treat, please post in the journal here: STYGIAN, TREATLING, AND TREAT REHOMING JOURNAL

:star: For everything else and to get a Stygian yourself, go here! :star: Stygian-Shade